Toughening Up America’s Image

ScreenHunter_1807 Oct. 24 07.24

ScreenHunter_1806 Oct. 24 07.23

Obama wants Marines to wear ‘girly’ hats | New York Post

Putin is shaking in his boots

ScreenHunter_1808 Oct. 24 07.29

h/t to Dave G

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11 Responses to Toughening Up America’s Image

  1. Robertv says:

    Just canon fodder.

  2. Okie says:

    Let’s go all the way and have them wear turbans.

  3. Kepler says:

    I wonder what would happen if Putin and Obama were to engage in a friendly steel-cage wrestling match.

  4. kbray in california says:

    How about a hat that shows authority and commands respect:


  5. Eric Simpson says:

    For Obama it “takes a village.”
    Er, actually, the Village People.
    You know, “in the navy.” Oh, and the marines, with girly hats, wouldn’t that be a sight! Don’t ask and don’t tell, and keep your private parts away from the other guys unless there’s real love or the women are away, but in any event put on those cute outfits and hats to make sure you look pretty and dashing for the all the other tough guys.

  6. interesting. Gives new meaning to the word jar head,

  7. That style would be just about appropriate for Liberace’s “chauffeur”

  8. I don’t get these comments. My reaction was, “the President doesn’t have any authority to arbitrarily tell the military to change its hats. Why isn’t the military simply laughing at him, or daring him to make them change?” They and the public should be up in arms over such Obama inanity.

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