Understanding Climate Change’s Mysterious Tele-Connection To The Deep Ocean

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20 Responses to Understanding Climate Change’s Mysterious Tele-Connection To The Deep Ocean

  1. Glacierman says:

    Obvious answer – It’s Magic:

  2. Steve Keohane says:

    At a 1000:1 mass ratio, seas to atmosphere, the fraction of a degree of warming the atmosphere has seen, can have three more zeros added between that digit and the decimal point and the whole thing can be 86’d into the deep as meaningless. It’s not hiding, it is to small to see.

  3. Deep ocean warming was supposed to be from lack of arctic ice. What excuse will they think of now?

  4. gator69 says:

    Ask them to reveal the full data set on deep ocean warming, it is nowhere near as long as the plateau, and the claimed warming is less than the sensitivity of the instrumentation. Parrots belong in cages, along with their newspapers.

  5. Cheshirered says:

    Deep ocean warming = desperately trying to avoid deep shit for dying agw theory.

  6. Latitude says:

    you guys realize….if they admit it’s not hiding in the deep ocean
    ….there’s no where else for it to hide

    This is their last resort

  7. tom0mason says:

    The unicorn cast the nasty heat into the deep dark ocean.
    And then they all lived happily ever after.


    OK now it’s fixed!

  8. The Iconoclast says:

    Ooh, school us, David Robert Know-Nothing. If the so-called missing heat really is hiding in the deep ocean then that’s terrific news. The second law of thermodynamics says the heat can only transfer to something colder, so the capacity of the deep ocean to sink heat is a great moderator. Crisis averted! Let’s go mudding!

  9. Paul in Sweden says:

    Forget about the explanation of the deep ocean hiding the heat. I want someone to explain to me how the deep ocean is hiding the sea level rise.

  10. ElCrustace says:

    Deep ocean cannot be warming, because of elementary rules of physics.

    Water density at sea level pressure reach is maximum at about 4°C, but with greater pressure this temperature fall near 0°C, so at the bottom of oceans water will keep temperature near 0°C, because warmer or colder water would go up thanks to Archimedes.

    Deep ocean temperature relies exclusively on pressure, there can’t be any excess heat stored here.

  11. ElCrustace, they are saying warm water sinks to the bottom because it’s saltier. Not quite sure how it got saltier though, since the same people are saying sea ice is melting. They need a refresher course on 8th grade earth science. The only way to make salty warm water sink to the bottom is when sea ice is forming, not when it’s melting. They want it both ways.

  12. D.M. says:

    I read through this irish Times article filled with statements (not facts) straight from Real Climate! Just the same old warmist rubbish I thought until I came to the end. This guy is a PhD physicist at Oxford University. My initial reaction was that this must be a wind up – he couldn’t be real. But it appears to be genuine. I wonder what Oxford University would think of this article.

  13. jeremyp99 says:

    Do ask Mr. Grimes (I don’t do that Twitter stuff) for proof of this “deep ocean warming”…

  14. One of Obama’s Brown Shirts (“Sieg heil!”)

  15. Phil Jones says:

    What could be causing this Deep Sea Heating?? Is Al Gore blowing all his hot air into the Mariana’s Trench? Is all that Solar Radiation simply skipping the Air and the first 6000ft of Ocean water… Bypassing all that mass, defying the Laws of Physics… To reach our oceans deepest parts before reappearing??

    How is this even being Measured?? Argo is a 5 year old system which doesn’t go down past a mile… Where is this data even coming from??

    Sounds like a pile of steamy crap to me…. We’ve had a 17 year pause … Defied all the models and predictions… Now they want to simply move on?? Scare us with something else??

  16. Olaf Koenders says:

    Grimes is obviously no rocket scientist. With the likes of his ilk so readily available in great numbers, it’s a wonder that NASA managed to round up 450,000 intelligent people to get Man to the Moon. Then again, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to show AGW or his preferred term “climate change” by Man as complete bunk.

    I wonder what term he uses for GRADUAL climate change. Ask him Steve 😉

  17. Rick Fischer says:

    There are two emotional belief systems that are absolutely impervious to challenges by scientific arguments and by everyday observation: the fundamentalist belief that the universe is 6000 years old, and the environmentalist belief that humans are destroying the Earth. Both defend themselves against rational challenge with the same tactic: 1) devise some quasi-plausible semi-scientific sounding superficial theory that answers the challenge (like deep-ocean warming, or warming causes cooling); 2) since the challenge has thus been answered, there is no need to take the challenge seriously; 3) since the challenge has been defeated, the creationist or AGW theory has yet again been vindicated; 4) since the theory has once again been vindicated, that challenge, as all challenges, must have been wrong to begin with, and so it was proper to dismiss it without proof.

    You must admit, there is a certain mindless logic to it all.

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