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Fake Climate Studies Have Become A 1000 Times A Year Event

Twitter / HeidiCullen: Rainfall that led to flooding … June 02, 2013 Woodward Ranch, Texas (about 17 miles northwest of D’Hanis, which is 40 miles west of San Antonio) measured an amazing 10.00″ in 1 hour, 15.00″ in 2 hours … Continue reading

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The Tech Surge

I make my living writing software these days, and I can’t imagine any way to wreck software faster than to have a whole bunch of people working on the same piece of code at the same time. No doubt the … Continue reading

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Only An Imbecile Cop Couldn’t Tell The Difference Between An Airsoft Rifle And A Real One

Other than the basic shape, an airsoft gun doesn’t look much like an AK-47. It is made of shiny plastic, has a white plastic slide instead of a shiny metal bolt, and weighs about one tenth as much as a … Continue reading

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World’s Hottest Temperature Occurred During One Of The Coldest Years Ever

docs.lib.noaa.gov/rescue/mwr/050/mwr-050-01-0010.pdf Hansen says that bad heatwaves were almost impossible until very recently.

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Obamacare Success Inspires Business

The Day One dizzying success of Obamacare has inspired several industries in the private sector to similar heights of achievement. “The private sector is always languishing behind the government,” said Jay Carney in a White House press release earlier today, “especially in … Continue reading

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President Gives An Update On The Economy

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NCAR : Disappearing The Little Ice Age

In 2005, NCAR did some wonderful junk science, disappeared the LIA, and tacked Hansen’s fake temperature record on to the end. Ammann and Wahl’s findings contradict an assertion by McIntyre and McKitrick that 15th century global temperatures rival those of … Continue reading

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