Pattern Matching Quiz

Something is different about one of these candidates during the pledge of allegiance

ScreenHunter_1844 Oct. 25 08.28

  1. The one on the far right is a woman
  2. The three on the right are Americans
  3. Second from left is an Hispanic
  4. The one not pictured is honest
  5. What difference does it make at this point?
  6. All four have their hands over their hearts
  7. All of the above

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9 Responses to Pattern Matching Quiz

  1. The one on the left is too good for the job

  2. tom0mason says:

    The one on the left has a heart positional defect, this matches his braincell problem.

  3. Bill says:

    Not everyone has to observe the national anthem in the same way. Obama observes it by grabbing his junk.

  4. NikFromNYC says:

    Food for thought: even illustrious conservative voice Bill Whittle who overlaps with Instapundit and PJMedia, the very guy who radicalized “blogfather” Glenn Reynolds himself towards Tea Party ideals, now announces that conservatism must stop fighting directly in against mainstream journalism:

    “Rather than a banner which alienates anyone who is not already a conservative before they hear so much as a syllable of reason, I will use one that recruits, rather than repels those people who know the system is broken and don’t like where this country is headed. I can’t control the fact that the word conservative has been smeared; but it has. There’s a laser target designator on that word, and it lights it up to a constellation of attack aircraft flying high overhead. So we will fade into the undergrowth, and deploy some serious camouflage.

    Starting on Monday, October 28th, 2013 the tag line at will no longer be SMART CONSERVATIVE THINKING. Starting on Monday we will become THE COMMON-SENSE RESISTANCE.”

    If such a central player of the online conservative/libertarian axis warns that conservatism has been successfully tainted as a brand then my apprehensions about how this blog ties climate (model) skepticism to politics should be better appreciated.

    • Eric Simpson says:

      Right. To the point that political ideology rather than non-partisan impartial science can be discerned as a motivating force than the more credibility and believability is diminished. With the fringe leftists without fail being the biggest proponents of climate change it’s easy for us to make that connection with them, but we shouldn’t bend over backwards to make it easy for them to likewise smear us in a similar way. Try to keep a small target in that regard, would be some advice. Yet, the damage is done, because I often see after someone has linked to this site a warmist reply that that’s (not even a “skeptic” site, but a…) “right wing” site. And the popularity of this site is skyrocketing, yet the potential for it to become even the #1 climate site world wide is going to be hindered by the emphasis on US politics. At this point there isn’t really a good substitute for the climate change coverage offered by this site though. And we’ve got to accept that things are going to be the way they are going to be, and it’s not going to be a perfect world.

      By the way Nik, congratulations on Mann calling the thread that you led as “smelling like Koch.”

      And, in case you missed it, I just replayed one of your comments from that thread here, if that’s ok. Good job:

    • Chris BC says:

      Whether you accept it or not, the global warming hoax is a microcosm of liberalism. Microcosm may seem an odd word when speaking of a supposedly global issue, and when you can think of dozens of different key facts that undermine man made global warming, but it is a microcosm of liberalism nonetheless.

      The abundance of complete falsehoods, the wild exaggerations, the scare tactics, the complete refusal to address key facts which dispute or prove false your position, all the way to the total bizarro world “conclusions” reached by global warmists. All of these are hallmarks of liberalism. Pick just about any liberal position and I can demonstrate it is wrong, and in many cases horribly wrong and 180 degrees backward from reality.

      While Bill Whittle is a persuasive voice I don’t support backing away from the term conservative. I do suggest refusing the use of any horrible euphemisms such as “progressive” when referring to liberals. If you need to use a “gressive” term make sure it is regressive, since it’s a complete joke to refer to a liberal as progressive.

      If you don’t already understand that the global warming hoax is a direct result of liberal ideology, I suggest you do more reading/listening to various conservative sources. A good place to start would be the housing/financials crisis of 2008 and the liberal narrative about how it was all Bush and the Republicans fault, when in reality it was exactly the other way around.

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