If She Had A Gun In Her Purse, She Would Still Be Alive

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Colleen Ritzer was killed this week with a box cutter held by someone who could easily pass for Obama’s son.

Brain damaged progressives have predictably started arguing this as a case for gun control, when in fact a gun is the only thing which could have saved her.

Same story at Sandy Hook. Had the principal had a rifle in her office, 23 kids would have opened their Christmas presents.


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2 Responses to If She Had A Gun In Her Purse, She Would Still Be Alive

  1. Pathway says:

    But then there wouldn’t be any victims so the Little Dictator could destroy the Constitution.

  2. gator69 says:

    Ah, but if Obama’s son had then been found with Skittles on his corpse, he would have been innocent.

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