Wikipedia Explains The Explosive Growth Of The Federal Government Over The Last Five Years

Cancer cells are cells that grow and divide at an unregulated, quickened pace. Although cancer cells can be quite common in a person they are only malignant when the other cells (particularly natural killer cells) fail to recognize and/or destroy them. In the past a common belief was that cancer cells failed to be recognized and destroyed because of a weakness in the immune system.

Cancer cell – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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8 Responses to Wikipedia Explains The Explosive Growth Of The Federal Government Over The Last Five Years

  1. Robertv says:

    And if the immune system can’t stop it it will kill the body.

  2. Dave G says:


  3. BobW in NC says:

    The Wikipedia definition doesn’t go far enough. A cancer cell is one which 1) grows independently of any regulatory mechanisms that control the multiplication/division of normal cells, 2) invades beyond any tissue boundaries that would normally keep it in check locally, and 3) can spread to and set up growth at sites distant from the original (primary) tumor, i.e., metastasize. The best way to treat a cancer is to catch it as early as possible when it is small, before it involves surrounding tissues and makes its way to other sites.

    Obamacare still can be treated.

  4. Andy Oz says:

    Shock news: NCEP website down due to …..lack of funding???

  5. And in related news — the takers finally outnumber the makers. There are now more receiving some kind of federal welfare benefit than hold down full time jobs.

    The population of takers in the US now outnumbers the entire population of the Phillipines, and is approaching that of Mexico.


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