More Milestones

In about five minutes, this blog will have logged its twelve millionth page view – and the US will have accumulated another twelve million dollars in debt.

There are about fifty million actual taxpayers in the US, and Obama adds debt at a rate of about three dollars per hour per taxpayer – 24×7. Calculated over a forty hour work week, that works out to more than $10/hour in new debt per taxpayer.

I’m off to have some fun.


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8 Responses to More Milestones

  1. Andy DC says:

    That is not a very heart warming thought. I think this country is a good example of “Dead Man Walking.” We seemed to be headed to a collapse, sooner or later.

    • omanuel says:

      Yes, we are headed for collapse. The result will be as disastrous for our leaders as for ordinary citizens. Why?

      In 1905 Einstein showed that mass (m) is stored energy (E):

      E = mc^2

      That energy was released from cores of uranium (U) and plutonium (Pu) atoms to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9, 1945

      FEAR of death or powerlessness convinced world leaders to quietly take totalitarian control of the world by forming the United Nations on 24 Oct 1945 and to hide the source of energy (E) stored as mass (m) in cores of atoms and stars.

      See autobiography (in progress)


      Chapt 1:

      With deep regrets,
      Oliver K. Manuel
      Former NASA Principal
      Investigator for Apollo

    • John Silver says:

      Easily fixed, RICO the voters for the Democratic Party.

  2. Robertv says:

    A Police State is an expensive undertaking. Jobs Jobs Jobs.

  3. Dan Patterson says:

    Well, YOU just don’t understand how important is for you to earn funding for the STATE, do you?
    Maybe a little time in the work/re-education camp?
    When do you suppose the revolution will occur? Or will it be a secession? What is going on can only continue for a short while longer.

  4. Rosco says:

    Is there a prize ???

  5. edonthewayup says:

    Reblogged this on Edonurwayup's Blog and commented:
    Its a numbing idea and no one seems to know what to do to escape the looming disaster.

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