Vanished Multi-Year Ice Covers Most Of The Arctic Basin

In 2009, David Barber at the University of Manitoba declared that multi-year ice was gone from the Arctic

OTTAWA | Thu Oct 29, 2009 12:01pm EDT (Reuters) –

The multiyear ice covering the Arctic Ocean has effectively vanished, a startling development that will make it easier to open up polar shipping routes, an Arctic expert said on Thursday.

David Barber, Canada’s Research Chair in Arctic System Science at the University of Manitoba, said the ice was melting at an extraordinarily fast rate.

“We are almost out of multiyear sea ice in the northern hemisphere,” he said in a presentation in Parliament. The little that remains is jammed up against Canada’s Arctic archipelago, far from potential shipping routes.

Multiyear Arctic ice is effectively gone: expert | Reuters

The latest map from the University of Colorado shows that about two-thirds of the Arctic Basin is covered with the vanished multiyear ice.

Multiyear Arctic ice is effectively gone: expert | Reuters


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6 Responses to Vanished Multi-Year Ice Covers Most Of The Arctic Basin

  1. Yeah, but when you look out your Window do you see the Arctic Ice? I think not.

  2. Olaf Koenders says:

    Can’t wait until the world’s commercial fleet takes Barber’s report as gospel and then finds no access to the Arctic or sees all the currently stranded boats. Reckon his reputation is screwed after that.

  3. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    Barber brings a whole new definition to dumb ass stupid and must be a major embarrassment to the U of M.

    Wonder if his Dean knows he is so stupid, so ignorant so incapable of doing Climate Science? And pity the students who pay large sums of moans to be taught by this moron. When they find out they have been conned by this dude, they might be severely pissed.

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