Obama To Hit 0% Approval In March, 2017

Using standard climate science statistical techniques, I am 97% confident that Obama will reach 0% approval during March, 2017.


Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval

The difference between this forecast and the IPCC’s, is that this forecast is based on actual data.

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16 Responses to Obama To Hit 0% Approval In March, 2017

  1. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    So, let’s shoot for “March Timeframe” for all hell to break loose, right? EBT cards cut off, attacks on “American gun owners”, “Forced incrimination” by the government of anyone speaking out against the government… you name it, the shit is gonna hit the fan about then.

  2. kbray in california says:

    This is a classic Steven Goddard!!
    When God called out “Brains!” you took a good one!

  3. LLAP says:

    Spending on welfare and food stamps is a positive feedback … his approval will never hit zero ;).

  4. Perry says:


    My thoughts as well. The US socialists don’t work; they beg for handouts. Cacogenics is the study of factors producing the accumulation and perpetuation of defective or disadvantageous genes and traits in offspring of a particular population or species.


    • I suggest that intellectual, social, and political evolution has a more profound effect than biological evolution. Better ideas, better understood, create a higher fraction of fit people far faster than any degree of eugenics could ever hope to achieve.

      Consider the events in the “New World” following the foundation of the colonies. The population of immigrants consisted of mostly the outcasts, the poor, the politically oppressed, and individuals escaping the reach of the law in the “old country”. Yet in the short span of little more than a hundred years (roughly four generations) changed the “New World” from a forest filled with sparse stone age tribes into the most productive and most technologically advanced nation that had ever existed. This was done by the self same class of people that the eugenicists wanted and want to eliminate as being “inferior humans”.

      The ideas? That the individual must be left free to become the best he can be without interference from his so called “betters”. That freely trading value for value (goods, services, AND ideas) among those individuals produced a far better outcome for each and every individual than unbounded central power and control. Even the best possible, honest, and well meaning, top down power and control elite could not and have not achieve a minute fraction as much.

      In fact, it is the power and control elite who are the ones who have held the inferior ideas since the first elite took over the first hunting and gathering tribe. Their idea? “All those people out there who are doing things without permission must be stopped!” All that accomplishes is stagnation and decline.

  5. He’s bought too many for him to ever hit zero … only among those who think for themselves.

  6. crosspatch says:

    A person I know raised a good point. Between Social Security and the federal retirement system, the government paid out $533 million in retirement benefits to dead people. That’s $17 million per person without health insurance. In other words, they could have found enough waste lying around on the floor to just buy every living American a policy for life. That is, if the ASA was really about insuring the uninsured. It isn’t. It is about USING the plight of the uninsured to justify Congress gaining control of the health insurance industry.

    • Ernest Bush says:

      Congress? This is about Dear Leader and his handlers gaining control of everyone through universal healthcare after the insurance companies are destroyed. Congress will become the rubber stamp body that the Soviet legislative bodies were. At least in his mind.

      More frightening is his attempt to use the government to determine that which is caused by CAGW. It allows him to declare virtually anything to be caused by global warming and then having some government agency take action to stop whatever that anything is.

    • Mike D says:

      That math is a little wrong. $533 million/30 million uninsured is closer to $18 per person. Even if it were $533 billion, it is $18k.

      But that does point out why premiums are so high under Obamacare. In order to have say 10 million or so literal free riders and assuming it might be $300/month of cost for them, it takes other people paying $36 billion extra. That’s not including those getting partial subsidies and those getting higher levels of coverage for free.

  7. Miboupop says:

    Hilarious, thanks for the laugh!

  8. gator69 says:

    I think you are using unadjusted data. Remember, 2+2 now equals 5.

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