Fox News Pushing For Another Losing RINO In 2016

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CHRISTIE IN 2016? Win by NJ gov may send strong message to GOP

The message is – if you are running for office in a Democratic welfare state, you have to be a Democrat – regardless of your claimed party affiliation.

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7 Responses to Fox News Pushing For Another Losing RINO In 2016

  1. Perry says:

    I doubt the BUFF will survive that long on his calorie intake.

  2. Mike D says:

    It should be a slam dunk to defeat Clinton, but throw Christie in there and I’d bet he’d get a lower turnout than Romney.

  3. R. de Haan says:

    I call this a blatant act of self sabotage and destruction.

    Obviously the puppet masters pulling the strings now have the power to put the gun on the “head” of the GOP and pull the trigger.

  4. New Jersey–he is likely to earn the name “Snooky” if he runs, and that will be the end of that “dream”. The Republicans are as determinedly blind and incompetent as the Democrats are insane now.

  5. David says:

    You can run your dream candidate of Palin but the Independents will never vote for her. You see there is this giant middle who is not served by either the right or left. We sit every 4 years and listen to the same crap with the exception of gun control and uterus control. That is how they divide you and control you. Christie is not perfect by any means but he can win it because he appeals to the middle. He can beat Hillary but Palin or some other right winger can not. That is just the way it is the same as Nuttercelli can not will the Arctic to melt, you can not will people to vote far right at this time. My dream candidate was Ron Paul but most people could not see it. So be it we got Barry again because Romney was a horrible choice and the Independents went with the devil they knew. I threw my vote away and wrote in Paul. This is also why Bennet is still warming a Senate seat if you don’t believe me.

    • Ernest Bush says:

      Obama was elected this time by who stayed home. The giant middle is smaller than you think. It’s the conservatives and libertarians who did not go to the poles to vote for Romney who gave the election to Obama. Then there are the six million evangelicals who were stupid enough to vote for Obama. Those are the people you need to elect a Republican and they have had enough of the RINOs. Bush, included.

      I have no intention of donating to the Republican Party or another progressivist candidate, as I apparently did in the last election. It will all go to PACs supporting conservative and libertarian candidates. If the Democrats win then the system will collapse sooner and we can work from there.

      I see no difference between long-time Republicans in the Senate and the worst progressivist Democrat. There are millions like me out there who are just plain fed up with the current non-constitutional state of affairs.

      I do not need a candidate who believes as I do. I simply want to see one who is passionate, believes in a constitutional government, leads a moral life, and operates from principals. I only see two people who fit that description and we need them to stay in the Senate for two terms. Christie is already damaged goods and will never get my vote.

  6. Jason Calley says:

    Are there still registered Republicans who think that the party leaders support smaller, less intrusive government? Personally, I doubt that any rank and file Republicans still hold such a belief. After all, if they were that delusional, they would be Democrats.

    Seriously, we need a major conservative party in the US. Unfortunately, all we have are Republicans and Democrats — and they control the electoral process to keep any conservative (i.e., freedom minded) party out. This is getting uglier and uglier.

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