Gleick’s Institute Admits That There Has Been No Sea Level Rise On The West Coast

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16 Responses to Gleick’s Institute Admits That There Has Been No Sea Level Rise On The West Coast

  1. mkelly says:

    What is the time frame for short and long term? These people are crazy.

  2. Do we know if this Gleick himself or a minion?

  3. And as for the short/term long term bit, who’s been shouting about a supposed acceleration in SLR since 1993.

    Proper scientists tell you that such things should be looked at over 60 cycles or more.

  4. Jason Calley says:

    LOL! That last tweet cracks me up! Ha!

  5. Glacierman says:

    Funny, but really there is no vertical motion on a strike slip fault. More fittingly it would be a dip-slip fault.

  6. Gary H says:

    Typical of fear mongering at the Los Angeles Times’s (Jan 2011):

    Sea levels have risen about 8 inches in the last century and are expected to swell at an increasing rate as climate change warms the ocean, experts say. In California, the sea is projected to rise as much as 55 inches by the end of the century and gobble up 41 square miles of coastal land, according to a 2009 state-commissioned report by the Pacific Institute.

    When I contacted the staff writer, he responded with:

    The Pacific Institute report is pretty middle-of-the road, actually. The 2007 IPCC estimates you’re referring to are considered lowballs because they did not factor in the melting of polar ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica . .

    Most climate scientists say at least three feet of sea level rise by 2100. Others say that’s an underestimate and it could be up to 6 or 7 feet. If you want more information on the role polar ice melt is expected to play, check out this informative piece a few months ago in the New York Times:

    There ya go — how our national media sources science – the NYT’s. LOL

  7. @NJSnowFan says:

    “DPO Phases” dumb people overcome
    Maybe he needs some education on PDO phase. Pacific Decadal Oscillation

  8. One has to admit it’s tempting to focus on imaginary problems than real problems in the world, as imaginary problems are usually easier to fix.

    • Jason Calley says:

      The bad thing about fixing imaginary problems is that you never know when you are successful. Fixing imaginary problems would keep you employed for a indeterminate time!

      Wait a minute…

  9. Andy Oz says:

    “Rising sea levels threaten US ports”.
    Call Homeland Security. Those dip slips will be able to arrest them.

  10. nigelf says:

    These people need to start signing legal documents that state if their predictions fail to come true on such and such a date then they forfeit all their assets and they lose their present jobs. if they are deceased then their heirs will lose everything they inherited from their lying parent.
    Force them by law to have some serious skin in the game. I’ll bet the fearmongering will stop immediately.

  11. Bill Illis says:

    Sea level in San Francisco is falling about 0.06 mms/year since 1980 (although it is rising at 1.4 mms/year since 1854).

    GPS receivers indicate San Francisco is subsiding at 1.12 mms/year.

    Actual sea level change then: between +0.29 mms/year to -1.18 mms/year [far off the +3.2 mms/year from the sea level satellites].

  12. Maybe Gleick is in the wrong institute.

  13. Scientists Find That Sea Level Rise Is Much Slower Than Expected…No Human Fingerprint – See more at: and and many other newer papers casting Gleick contentions into doubt.

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