Taking Advice From Democrats

Democrats won the last two presidential elections by running a radical leftist against a moderate Republican.

Now they tell Republicans (again) that the Americans will only vote for moderates, and that they need to run another moderate candidate.

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9 Responses to Taking Advice From Democrats

  1. The left is wrong about everything except when they call the GOP the stupid party.

  2. Traitor In Chief says:

    In my view, “Moderate” isn’t the right descriptor. I prefer Sarah Palin’s description: Frugal Socialist. No “far right” candidates exist that I’m aware of. Ted Cruz, Dan Bongino, Allen West – all quite “moderate” as far as I’m concerned. We need 200 more just like them.

  3. R. de Haan says:

    The problem is the brainless American electorate and the betrayal from goons like Chis Christy who is a Democrat at heart and best palls with Obama: http://apnews.myway.com/article/20131105/DA9SM9980.html

  4. Latitude says:

    ..and we ended up with a pathological psychopath

    • darrylb says:

      I am finding that what I find the most objectionable about Obama and some of his minions is his arrogance and a dismissal of anyone who does not bow down to his majesty as being ignorant and unworthy of his time.

  5. R. de Haan says:

    From personal observation I can say that the Presidents Johnson, Nixon, Ford and Carter, with the exception of President Ronald Reagan, have destroyed the US Presidency.
    Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama have destroyed America.

    • darrylb says:

      R. de H. Just curious——- what is your vantage point from which you are making your observations? At a distance, sometimes people see more things.

  6. Stephen Richards says:

    The labour party in the UK (very left wing) had a similar problem before Blair came along. They realised that they could change nothing if they were out of power. So they moved to the centre and bingo. Blair won to elections. There are fewer people near the extremes of anything than in the centre (Gaussian). If you want power, change. Move to the centre.

    Traitor In Chief says:

    November 5, 2013 at 11:41 pm

    Your measure of moderate is not what will win the next election. Sadly

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