What Is It That 50% Of Voters Can’t See?

ScreenHunter_24 Nov. 04 21.07

Those faces have big time trouble written all over them. Every line and feature of their faces scream “run away – these people are not your friends, and they are not honest.”

Those are angry, dishonest, scheming faces. Look at the eyes.

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16 Responses to What Is It That 50% Of Voters Can’t See?

  1. tom0mason says:

    Here’s Obama’s other promotional picture –

  2. A.D. Everard says:

    I don’t understand how any of these politicians – and I mean worldwide now – maintain their stance on CAGW without being howled down or laughed at. We know that people are quite aware something is very seriously amiss with their claims and their rampant spending on policies that don’t work, yet people continue to leave them in place as though they might put themselves right or maybe even wake up.

    Maybe the general public is still largely in the confused bracket, unable to quite comprehend that the massive waste continues. Soon, though, if and when politicians look around themselves properly, they might actually see something to be genuinely afraid of – no, not the climate but the attitude of the voters.

    • darrylb says:

      A. D. every organization will do what it has to do to exist.
      In the MSM bad news is good news and good news is no news.
      Until people see a direct connection to themselves, they will not go beyond the cursory look at headlines.
      One may check the permanent umbilical cord between a specific scientist who wants to keep the meme going because his/her career depends upon it, and a certain reporter
      who needs the extreme material. Or something such as Hansen — Gore.
      People are actually shocked and in disbelief when shown evidence for no warming for 15 to 17 years.
      Also, most scientists in the field are experts in a very narrow area that has nothing to do with attribution; However, their careers in an ancillary field depends upon keeping cagw alive. So they just say climate change, go past GO;, collect their $200,000 for their study such as “Will global warming cause more prostitution among teenagers?”
      CAGW has become assumption, and only misfits (like us) will challenge it.
      Lately their have been a few cracks in the armor. The New York Times actually admitted the 15 year lack of warming and once honorable magazines Like ‘Nature’ and “Science’
      are starting to accept studies which are somewhat contradictory to the AGW beliefs.

      • A.D. Everard says:

        The MSM doesn’t have to focus on the good news of no CAGW – it can focus on the flip side – the bad news and mega-shock that a massive fraud had been perpetrated and billions of taxpayer dollars wasted. It can focus on the con, the fraud science, the eco-terrorist in play behind the scenes, pensioner-deaths, bio-fuel causing starvation, the Big Boys and Girls in this scheme who’ve bought houses on the shoreline – there’s heaps of headlines to choose from that will shock the world. Followed by some deep investigations, there’s enough news stories to last years and be much more gripping than “record weather” reports.

        The MSM can still paly a big part in it – and get a following and recognition for being investigative (like they’re supposed to be).

        • Ernest Bush says:

          You don’t get it. MSM reporters have the same political goals as Obama. They believe in the Warmist and Greenie agendas. They don’t even see the conflicts between paving the United States with windmills and solar panels and the damage they do to the environment. They only pursue stories that fit the socialist narrative, and will gleefully print and speak lies in the name of the Noble Cause. The end justifies the mean, et.al. Otherwise. the CAGW scam would have already been exposed and destroyed.

          There are few journalists left in this country. There are boatloads of lying propagandists.

        • A.D. Everard says:

          My reply was to your statement: “every organization will do what it has to do to exist. In the MSM bad news is good news and good news is no news.”

          I understood that to mean you thought they wouldn’t print the good news that there is no climate danger and I was pointing out that they didn’t have to. There are plenty of bad news stories for them to focus on. Sooner or later the tide will turn. Newspapers are losing the plot and sales because people don’t believe the hype anymore – they can see through it.

          I do indeed get it, I’ve been watching this for years, and I agree with you – everyone is in everyone else’s pocket and playing along to the same tune. The point of my original comment was that they can’t keep the game rolling on forever – particularly as nature isn’t cooperating with them – their credibility is paper thin now.

  3. planet8788 says:

    It’s demonic influence that blinds them.

  4. Mike D says:

    From the polling, women hugely support McAuliffe. Like a double digit spread. That’s where his lead comes from.

    • They are still running from the Republicans, after the nonsense of Gingrich (with his contract on America–yes, that’s what it sounded like, “on” not “with”) and the personal idiocy of Bush and his handlers. The incompetent Republicans drove the Democrats insane (especially with the 2000 election, but preceded by the Left-Right war that may be said to have begun in earnest in 1968), so that now they have a self-deluded, nearly unconscious reflex mania for revenge–that reflex is telling them they are In-The-Right-And-On-Top-Now (and All-Is-Right-With-Our-Worldview). Automatons for Hitler, basically. ‘Twas ever thus, say the poets.

    • NikFromNYC says:

      The Republican brand of creationism, prohibition, and Puritanism is despised by nearly all professional college graduate women who see abortion rights in the spittingly same activist manner as conservatives see gun rights. The Bible itself treats abortion casually and promotes pacifism as the New Testament’s core philosophical breakthrough, as multiple large South American churches invite whole families to psychedelic tea parties. American conservatism is scorned for clear and valid civil rights reasons by each new generation that it wars against in a country founded on the creation-given self-evident right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These smart and attractive professional women, including lots of scientists, have great social influence over the now minority men in and recently out of college. The Republican Party willfully fails to represent them in our representative government.

      • White women voted 58% for Romney. This is an ethnic issue, not a gender issue.

      • Gamecock says:

        Freedom and liberty are for everyone, regardless of race, religion, and sex. This is the message Republicans should be selling. Attempting to engage in group politics would make them half-assed Democrats.

      • Ernest Bush says:

        There is so much crap in what you are saying I am not moved to engage in most of it for lack of space. You must have been educated in union-ran New York schools. But…

        It is the Democrats that have always trampled on civil rights since this country was born. Read a little real history if you don’t believe me. Massive give-away programs and free abortions and birth control are just the newer kinder Democrat way of destroying the black population in this country and it is working really well. There are real history and data that will back this statement up.

        Finally, enough conservative Black voices are being heard to overcome the shouting down by the racist left. They are to a voice encouraging blacks to get off the progressivist plantation, accept responsibility for their actions, and determine their own future.

        Not so fast about laying prohibition on conservatives either. The man who brought about the prohibition amendment was a progressivist Democrat. His name was Wayne B. Wheeler. His supporters included Susan B. Anthony in return for his support for women’s suffrage; pioneering social worker Jane Addams; Billy Sunday; the Ku Klux Klan; and the IWW (Workers of the world unite!); and others. Quite a brew there. Guess who was president. Conservatives would never care to pass an amendment that would automatically destroy one-fifth of the American economy while restricting freedoms.

        The load of crap being pawned off as history in most colleges is based on a foundation of lies, stacked on lies. History is much more complex and interesting than what is being taught. Hiding that history is at the top of the list for progressivists and they seem to have done a good job on you.

        • Gamecock says:

          Amen. The condensed history taught today loses most of its value.

          Exempli gratia: Who was the first president of the United States?

          If you thought George Washington, consider yourself undereducated.

  5. slimething says:

    And be sure there will be “irregularities” favoring the Democrat candidate.

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