Climate Scientists Recycling The Same Sea Level Nonsense From 35 Years Ago

Thirty-five years ago this month, climate scientists told us that we were all going to drown unless we ran our cars off solar cells.

The Telegraph-Herald – Nov 22, 1978

If the world keeps burning more oil. natural gas and coal. It could melt the West Antarctic ice sheet. The resulting 10-foot or 15-foot rise m sea level could partially submerge California, Florida and South Carolina and create havoc in coastal cities

The National Weather Service in Charleston. S.C.. said that city, outlying coastal Islands. Beaufort and possibly even Georgetown and Myrtle Beach would be covered easily with 13 feet of water.

ScreenHunter_58 Nov. 06 16.09

The Telegraph-Herald – Google News Archive Search

And now, they are back it with the identical nonsense from 1978

6 November 2013

The last time the Earth was ice-free was 34 million years ago during the Eocene epoch. If this happened again, the entire Atlantic seaboard in the U.S would vanish, wiping out Florida and the Gulf Coast. While the hills in San Francisco would become islands and San Diego would be lost forever

ScreenHunter_59 Nov. 06 16.10

Map reveals devastation if all the world’s ice melted | Mail Online

Temperature on the Greenland ice sheet is -43ºC

ScreenHunter_60 Nov. 06 16.17

Summit, Greenland Weather Forecast from Weather Underground

And -54ºC in Antarctica

ScreenHunter_61 Nov. 06 16.18

Vostok, Antarctica Weather Forecast from Weather Underground

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15 Responses to Climate Scientists Recycling The Same Sea Level Nonsense From 35 Years Ago

  1. gator69 says:

    Leftists love to recycle garbage! Pass the soylent green.

  2. R. de Haan says:

    Today on Dutch television Dutch astronaut André Kuipers explained why he has joined WWF and became their Ambassador. In the program he announced a new tv series title “André back on earth” where he makes a connection between the energy consumption of New York and the rapid melting of the Greenland icecap, a complete recycling of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth BS.

    I wonder if he had too much space cake.

  3. Pathway says:

    Let’s see. Eastern seaboard under water, San Francisco only islands. I don’t see a problem as long as all the liberal rats are drowned.

  4. A.D. Everard says:

    It’s good to keep dragging out these old reports. Good to catch them in the act of repeating the same old lies to each generation all in the attempt to controlling society. Chicken Little and the Boy who cried Wolf team up as climate “scientists” – what a joke! The disaster didn’t happen then, it didn’t happen the time before, but of course they know that and it’s the scare-mongering that counts with these people.

    How many times are we as a society (any society) going to allow them to repeat and repeat until we smack them down and tell them to stop this nonsense or go to jail?

    This whole world could be an amazingly peaceful and prosperous place if such idiots weren’t drumming fear into every child that’s born and trying to tear down civilization at every turn. The key people behind this are the real enemies of civilization, society and the environment.

    • rw says:

      I agree that this is very significant for our understanding of the AGW hysteria. Clearly, certain parties were pounding the drums long before the idea really began to gain traction in the society at large, and within the ruling classes.

      • A.D. Everard says:

        You’re right, and it’s going to come back again and again unless steps are taken. At the moment, no one knows what to do, so nothing is done. The alarmists have open go to grab and warp children’s minds at a very young age, giving them another soul dedicated to “the cause” for life.

        It’s unhealthy to have this crop up repeatedly. Civilization is going to have to learn to guard its schools from this sort of infiltration and stop this mindset spreading like the disease it is.

        Perhaps having mandatory critical thinking classes from very early on would be a good idea. Keeping them going for every year of a student’s life would be better. Teach kids to think and to reason and, above all, to look for data and maintain a healthy skepticism.

        • gator69 says:

          I have said for many years that among the cruelest forms of child abuse is teaching children WHAT to think, rather than HOW, as it disfigured them for a lifetime.

          Abolish the Department of Education.

        • A.D. Everard says:

          Now THAT would be a step forward. I’m with you on that one.

  5. Phil Jones says:

    Since 1978 I’ve been walking around Beaufort SC wearing a Lifevest…. Just for when my car exhaust really does melt the ice sheet I’m ready for the torrential flood at all times…

  6. Bea Ware says:

    New Zealand Herald re-hashed this nonsense as the weather page headline today: ‘Polar-melt Map Shows Disaster for Coastal NZ’. The entire article is based on the word “if”.
    And “if” a person chooses the correct numbers he/she could win lotto tonight.

  7. mrollyk says:

    Only the West Antarctic ice sheet? Whew. Lucky me.

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