Global Sea Ice Area Seventh Highest On Record For The Date – Closing In On The All Time Record

Climate experts tell us that the poles are melting down at unprecedented rates, and it is your fault.

Meanwhile, back in the real world – global sea ice area is the seventh highest on record for the date, the highest since 1994, and considerably higher than 1979.ScreenHunter_54 Nov. 06 13.55

Global sea ice area is not far off the all-time record.

ScreenHunter_57 Nov. 06 14.44

Year over year ice growth blew away the old record by almost a factor of two.

ScreenHunter_55 Nov. 06 13.57

Some experts have attributed the sea ice growth to glaciers in Antarctica rapidly melting at -60ºC this winter.

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13 Responses to Global Sea Ice Area Seventh Highest On Record For The Date – Closing In On The All Time Record

  1. R. de Haan says:

    Hubris prevails. Isn’t it a bloody shame?

    Obama Hits GOP VA Gov. candidate Ken Cuccinelli on Climate Skepticism: ‘You don’t argue with facts’ – Obama Defends Michael Mann
    Obama: ‘It doesn’t create jobs when you go after scientists, and you try to offer your own alternative theories of how things work and engage in litigation around stuff that isn’t political,’ Obama said of Cuccinelli, a climate skeptic, during a rally for Democrat Terry McAuliffe. ‘It has to do with what’s true. It has to do with facts. You don’t argue with facts.’

    What an incredible arrogant ass hole.

  2. R. de Haan says:

    Give it another odd weeks and check again. I smell a record.

  3. gator69 says:

    Obviously the oceans are heating up at unprecedented rates.

  4. GAT says:

    All I know is when I pop open a beer and it starts releasing CO2 from the can, the beer starts to heat up. So it must be that CO2 causes cooling.

    • Mike Genest says:

      Actually the release of any gas under pressure creates cooling. This is the fundamental principle behind refrigeration.

      • Ben says:

        RE: Mike Genest – “Actually the release of any gas under pressure creates cooling”

        Not always true. Hydrogen and a few other gases, released under pressure, do not create cooling, due to it’s low inversion temperature. It increases in temperature. This is one of the safety concerns when using hydrogen.

        See Joule–Thomson_effect at wikipedia for further details

  5. A.D. Everard says:

    Sheesh, and the MSM are not reporting this?

    I reckon it’ll hit a new record, too. How big will that have to be before it’s considered worth reporting. We could be into the middle of the next ice age before some of these jokers will concede that it’s cold.

  6. Point of Order Steve. I suggest that in future ,”climate Experts”, are referred to as, “CAGW Activists”, to distinguish them from climate experts like Willy Soon, Roger Pilke, Fred Pearce, Tim Ball and the indomitable Judith Curry, to name but a few.

  7. alex says:

    It has been discovered that ice starts melting at minus 60 C. Anyone who does not accept this great new discovery is a denier and should be rounded up by the climate Stasi and transferred to the climate gulags. Thus we save the planet and our great grand children.

  8. HL Mencken says:

    Always good for a laugh.
    You guys keep up the good work!
    And did you ever notice how liberals,
    especially the GW alarmists,
    lack any sense of humor?

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