King George Complains About The Tea Party

In 1773, the Tea Party revolted in Boston Harbor – angry about taxation without representation. A few years later they formed their own country.

The head of the Colorado Democratic Party blamed Tea Party Republicans in an interview with MSNBC host Ed Schultz on Tuesday for spurring a ballot measure in 11 counties calling for them to secede and form their own state.

“They want their own state now,” party chair Rick Palacio told Schultz. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted their own country after this. You’re absolutely right, though: this is the same type of people that make up the Tea Party, and I would imagine that there are a lot of Tea Party folks that are behind this.”

Colorado Democrat chief blames Tea Partiers for secession push | The Raw Story

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29 Responses to King George Complains About The Tea Party

  1. A house divided against itself cannot stand, as history has well shown. But those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Obama should never have been elected, after the Rev. Wright lies he told. He should have been impeached, after the “passage” of Obamacare in 2010. The last 5 and 1/2 years have been one long exercise in national division and voter incompetence.

    • R. de Haan says:

      The Tea Party is an entity of it’s own. It’s Rino’s like Anthropogenic Climate Change belever MacCain and Wind farm Chris Christy who betrayal the Republican Party and turn it in a dog and pony show.

      If the republican electorate has one grain of common sense left they would stock up on tar and feathers and throw the bums out.

  2. Gamecock says:

    Turns out that Taxation WITH Representation isn’t much better.

    • I don’t personally know anyone with representation in the US right now. Do you?

    • Except for the fact that we don’t really have representation, taxation is theft no matter what. That it is “justified” by the legal pretense of majority vote does not change the violation of individual rights. It is the taking of what is not yours by force and is therefor theft. If you think it is not taken by force, try not paying your taxes.

      There is no such thing as a right to violate rights!

      • Gamecock says:

        Only a full-blooded anarchist believes that “taxation is theft no matter what.”

        • Shazaam says:

          I don’t know about that blanket statement….

          Have you ever thought about how much say you’ve ever had in determining how much of your earnings are taken from you by the government?

          How many people do you know that donate money to the government willingly? I cannot name a single individual who would do such a thing.

          Personally, no one has ever asked me if I consent to the myriad of taxes and “fees” assessed by the parasite-class aka government. State sales taxes were never taken to a public vote. Income taxes were passed before I was born and, as far as I know, I have never been consulted about the rates of either. It’s just pay-up or else…. And don’t get me started on road-side taxation aka traffic “enforcement”….

          Given the responses of government if you choose to not pay a “tax” or fee, I do sympathize with the viewpoint. Think through the inevitable responses and escalations the government will take when a “tax-payer” doesn’t cough-up the required amounts. Such scenarios always escalate to the point of a gun. And that perhaps reinforces the viewpoint that “taxation is theft no matter what”.

        • Scott Scarborough says:

          Attaching a word with negative connotations to an argument sure is a great counter argument!

        • Scott,
          I suggest stop thinking as a slave owned by the government. The government does not own you. It only pretends it does. Your submission to their fraud permits them to get away with it.

          Meanwhile: A thing is not changed by calling it a different name. Revenue enhancement by force is theft because it is a taking, by force, that which is not owned by the government. Calling taxes “theft” is proper because that is what it is! Hiding behind more polite sounding words only deepens the violation of individual rights by adding theft by deception to the original crimes of armed robbery, extortion, and protection racket. As I said, if you don’t think force is involved, try not paying your government assigned taxes.

  3. GoneWithTheWind says:

    This is what it comes to. The tea party essentially stands for lower spending and taxes. A more responsible and representative government and getting rid of the criminals, fraud waste and abuse. And for these radical views they are called terrorists and worse. Do you need any more proof that our politicians our out of step with the people?

    • R. de Haan says:

      and extrem pro life support and extreme religious principles which even scares me off.

      Besides that everybody who does’t support the Dems party line is a terrorist.
      MacCain and Christie are close palls of Obama and in favor of gun control.

      Now how is that possible? It’s because they are no republicans. They have infiltrated the party to destroy it from within. Some decades ago we called people like that traitors.
      Today they are called conservative candidates.

      Even a blind horse should notice that but the republican electorate falls for the show.

    • Brad says:

      When you say do we need anymore proof that our politicians are out of step with the people, it’s the people who keep voting the scumbags back into offce. So the way they see it, they are in step with exactly what their constituants want them to be. If not why vote them back in? We need Term Limits and return the government back to the citizens.

  4. darrylb says:

    Just for the fun of it, I was in Boston three weeks ago and visited the tea party history area, became a specific member of the ’73 tea party, boarded the ‘Eleanor’ with my ‘indian feather’ and thru tea over board. (and then pulled it back up again)
    There was more than one member of this modern tea party (not Bostonians) who made comparisons to today’s situations.

  5. darrylb says:

    As to reactions to the Tea Party, I have to put a certain amount of blame on the MSM.
    However, the whole Obamacare debacle will be very unfortunate for sum could prove beneficial in the long run by exposing the true childish arrogance of an executive branch of government which really has no idea of what it is doing.
    It might be that the pendulum has to swing far enough to create momentum in the opposite direction.

    • R. de Haan says:

      How much more damage can the US absorb before the electorate comes to it’s senses and finaly discovers how they are conned by their own representatives?
      This is flabbergasting.

      • R. de Haan says:

        As for the MSM, they have been transformed into the Democrat PROPAGANDA MACHINE, a process that started under Clinton.
        I remember this because I terminated my NYT and WAPO prescription because of the BS they published about Clinton and Climate.
        Now if you blame MSM for the BS they publish 20 years later you have arrived at the party quite late if i may say so. Well, better late than never.

  6. R. de Haan says:

    In the mean time three gun companies leave New York:

  7. Bruce says:

    I think a ballot initiative should be brought by the Colorado Democratic Party to build a wall around the state to keep them from escaping.

    If they build it of iron it will also stimulate shovel ready jobs in local state-owned smelting industries.

  8. palantir says:

    I’m a Brit living in Canada. I’d like to know what you all think would have happened if the U.S.A. had remained a British colony & was now a member of the Commonwealth. Straight up.

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