Obama Paid Libertarian To Get McAuliffe Elected

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Revealed: Obama Campaign Bundler Helping Fund Libertarian in Tight Va. Gubernatorial Race | TheBlaze.com

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14 Responses to Obama Paid Libertarian To Get McAuliffe Elected

  1. squid2112 says:

    Just more Democrat voter fraud. Yet another tactic. Goes hand in hand with the fraudulent robo-calls the DNS put on this afternoon. Pathetic. I absolutely despise Democrats. Don’t much like Republicans either, but Democrats are nearly the lowest of scum on the planet. Perhaps only surpassed by the ever peace loving Muslims.

  2. Ivan says:

    This guy was probably laughed at in 1920:
    America Not a White Man’s Country.
    Bound to Become a Negro Colony.
    …This means that the black man will shortly be complete master of the United States of America; he will push the white man into the sea and the United States will become a negro colony.”
    16 July 1920

  3. edonthewayup says:

    Reblogged this on Edonurwayup's Blog and commented:
    He didn’t know about it.

  4. Don says:

    They will use this tactic again.

    But why wasn’t it brought into the light of day weeks ago? The Republicans really are the ‘stupid party’, and will likely take the wrong lesson from this as well.

  5. Anthony S says:

    “McAuliffe also outspent Cuccinelli 10-to-1 on television advertising in the last few weeks of the campaign, the Access Project said.

    Underscoring the national interest in the race, about 70 percent of the money raised came from outside the state. That is by far the highest percentage for any U.S. gubernatorial race in history…”


  6. Kaboom says:

    Sadly Jarvis was probably the only candidate worth electing in the first place.

  7. gofer says:

    The country is being looted and the more bounty they hand over to the parasites, the more the parasites will support them.

  8. gofer says:

    Detroit decided the would still hang with the democrats but decided they would try white for a change, which is pretty amazing but maybe a self-realization that the others kept going to prison.

    “In Detroit, former hospital executive Mike Duggan defeated Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon to become the city’s first new mayor since it declared bankruptcy earlier this year.

    Duggan will be the city’s first white mayor since the 1970s.”

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/11/election-2013-the-final-hours-99424.html#ixzz2jqZVYkBP

  9. Gunny G says:

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    GUNNY G!

  10. Bob Knows says:

    The guy is a DEM shill only there to bleed votes from the Republicans. It worked.

  11. If the “Conservatives” (including Sarvis himself) are too dumb to see they are being split up, and who the greater enemy is (and we know they are, from the last presidential election, when millions of them stayed home rather than vote for Romney against Obama), then it is obvious the problem is deeper than just Left vs. Right, or Conservative vs. Liberal. It is about people being so narrow in their definition of “good” vs. “bad” in politics that they can’t focus upon the immediate problem–which is insanity in the Left, taking away our basic freedoms. They don’t understand the principle of “first things first” and “one step at a time”–because they don’t really know the larger picture; like the insane Left, they want to “fix” everything NOW, in one swell foop. So foop it is, yet again…

    • rw says:

      I think you’re right, but I also sense some kind of collective failure of will. I think this often happens in the face of blatant ursurpation of power (cf. Europe in the face of Hitler’s rise to power and early aggressions). Now we have conservatives saying, “It doesn’t matter who’s in office”, but this is basically an evasion, an excuse for doing nothing in the face of peril. And it only emboldons the ursurpers further – they’ve been successful, so they continue their actions.

  12. DrSandman says:

    That’s it! We thinking people need to put forth a “Green” candidate and a “Socialist/Progressive” candidate in every election from Dog Catcher to School Board to POTUS from here on out.

    “They bring a knife, you bring a gun…”

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