Reduced To Witchcraft

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Twitter / afreedma: Why Florida is so screwed when …

An asteroid impact would also be bad, as would nuclear war – but there hasn’t been any sea level rise in Florida recently.

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Interactive Sea Level Time Series Wizard | CU Sea Level Research Group

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11 Responses to Reduced To Witchcraft

  1. gator69 says:

    They are also highly vulnerable to zombie attacks.

  2. Bob Knows says:

    There is no need to criticize and insult minority religions by the false claim that it has anything to do with climate fraud.

  3. Jeffk says:

    If sea levels are rising they’re rising unevenly along Atlantic coast. Why is that if CO2 presumably causes entire planet to melt and increase ocean levels?
    Only explanation for uneven rate along Atlantic is the Army Corps’ Intracoastal Waterways, and rainwater runoff increases from large coastal metro areas. Such as Washington, DC-VA-MD runoff into Chesapeake Bay, and Miami-Dade into Biscayne Bay. It’s like an aquatic urban heat island.
    But blaming the Army Corps — the same folks who ruined the Everglades– won’t win you any gov’t grant funds. It’s sexier to blame fossil fuels.

    • There is a much simpler explanation, Canada is rising from post glacial rebound, and the northeastern US is correspondingly sinking

      • kbray in california says:

        It ain’t just the Northeast, the whole damn country is sinking and I blame the fossilized libtard pits in DC. Water isn’t why we are drowning.

      • R. de Haan says:

        Right, but we know all about this “rebound” process don’t we. We don’t have sea level change since 1841.

    • Blade says:


      … “The Great Lakes of North America lie approximately on the ‘pivot’ line between rising and sinking land. Lake Superior was formerly part of a much larger lake together with Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, but post-glacial rebound raised land dividing the three lakes about 2100 years ago.[9] Today, southern shorelines of the lakes continue to experience rising water levels while northern shorelines see falling levels.”

      The continents ( and crust ) are floating on the mantle, which is viscous enough so as to let them drift around the Earth at their leisure, crashing into each and building mountains and changing water currents. Naturally if you take a huge chunk of that water like say 120 meters of sea level and deposit it on land in the polar regions the continents at those locations will sink deeper into the mantle. Take away a large portion of that sequestered water and place it back in the sea and rebound occurs, rising in the North, sinking in the South.

      Naturally the climate criminals jet off to seashores to the South of the pivot line and use that perfectly natural and expected sinking as a weapon to demand more taxes to feed the government beast further. They should all be exiled to the polar regions.

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