It Is That New Kind Of 195 MPH Wind – Which Doesn’t Affect Trees, Cars Or Boats

ScreenHunter_134 Nov. 08 09.02

Super Typhoon Haiyan Now One Of The Strongest Tropical Cyclones Ever To Make Landfall | ThinkProgress

If those trees had actually experienced 195 MPH winds, they would be horizontal.

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15 Responses to It Is That New Kind Of 195 MPH Wind – Which Doesn’t Affect Trees, Cars Or Boats

  1. Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:
    Amazing . No trees are down. Are they sure that it wasn’t 19 MPH Winds?

  2. Traitor In Chief says:

    From Fox News report:

    Weather officials said Haiyan had sustained winds of 147 mph with gusts of 170 mph when it made landfall. That makes it the strongest typhoon this year, said Aldczar Aurelio of the government’s weather bureau

  3. squid2112 says:

    They must make light poles much much stronger there than in the US. Are they also aware that the base of those light poles are designed to break at a certain force? A force that I am certain would have been exceeded by a 195mph wind. Hell, even a 70mph wind will break the base bolts on those poles, I have seen it done in ND quite a bit.

  4. John B., M.D. says:

    4 deaths per Think Progress (3 deaths per link I posted on another thread – 2 from electrocution, 1 from struck by lightning, on an island nation with population 98 million). From the strongest storm in recorded history?

  5. geologyjim says:

    Perhaps all the CO2 we’ve put in the atmosphere caused atmospheric pressure to drop to Mars-like levels (it’s loaded with greenhouse gases, dontcha know)

    drop the pressure a couple of orders of magnitude and the velocity ain’t such a big deal

  6. The loss of coconuts is staggering.

  7. Since there are no hurricanes here they have to lie about them there.

  8. Tel says:

    This was from the Australian ABC:

    The Philippines government weather bureau said Haiyan had sustained winds of 147 miles per hour, with gusts of 170 mph when it made landfall.

    Looks like the locals were more sensible with their measurements.

  9. Tel says:

    So far three dead and seven injured. Bad news for those 10 people, but not exactly the catastrophic damage that was predicted.

  10. Andy Oz says:

    Tracy was a “super storm”. Haiyan looks to be Cat 1 if anything.
    Compare the damage of Tracy to anything from Haiyan.

  11. geekborj says:

    Categories are based on wind speed. I suspect that this tropical storm is high above in the atmosphere that we in the Philippines (based on observations stated in the OT) did not feel the effects on the ground). Corroborative evidence is that Haiyan/Yolanda ran at 39kph faster than the usual walking cruise of usually about 10kph.

    I would like to believe that this is caused by prayers rather than post being more sturdy. Hehe.

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