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It Is That New Kind Of 195 MPH Wind – Which Doesn’t Affect Trees, Cars Or Boats

Super Typhoon Haiyan Now One Of The Strongest Tropical Cyclones Ever To Make Landfall | ThinkProgress If those trees had actually experienced 195 MPH winds, they would be horizontal.

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Hurricane Andrew Vs. Super Typhoon Haiyan

Jeff Masters says that Haiyan had the highest wind speeds ever. Compare vs. the damage from Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

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Another Trillion Dollar Obama Disaster

Obama has managed to borrow nearly as much money as all other presidents combined, while creating the most anemic economy since his heroes Jimmy Carter and Franklin Roosevelt. One of his first disasters was the trillion dollar “Stimulus Act” which … Continue reading

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Pattern Matching Quiz

Bureau of Labor Statistics Data

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Climate Change Insanity Never Changes

People have been imagining that the climate is changing, exaggerating every weather event, getting widespread press coverage, and blaming it on man – for as long as there have been newspapers. 10 January 1871 IMAGINARY CHANGES OF CLIMATE. THREE consecutive … Continue reading

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Washington Post Yesterday Vs. Today

Yesterday : Typhoon of historic power slams Philippines; ‘There will be catastrophic damage’ – The Washington Post And today : One of world’s strongest storms lashes Philippines, but nation appears to avoid major disaster – The Washington Post Jeff Masters’ … Continue reading

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It Is That New Kind Of Category Five Hurricane, With 22 MPH Winds

    WunderMap® | Interactive Weather Map and Radar | Weather Underground

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