US Has Its Least Extreme Weather Year On Record

The number of 90ºF readings in the US has been steadily declining, with 2013 recording the fewest in the modern record.

ScreenHunter_118 Nov. 08 04.49

Index of /pub/data/ghcn/daily/hcn/

There have been 2,489 daily record minimums this year, compared to 2,193 daily record maximums at all US HCN stations.

The US was hit by no hurricanes in 2013, and suffered the fewest tornadoes on record.

ScreenHunter_70 Nov. 06 22.03

Storm Prediction Center WCM Page

Forest fire burn acreage was the second lowest in a decade, and the number of fires was lowest since 1984.

ScreenHunter_122 Nov. 08 05.11

National Interagency Fire Center

The drought has nearly ended

ScreenHunter_125 Nov. 08 07.18

United States Drought Monitor > Data Archive > Tables

ScreenHunter_120 Nov. 08 05.02

National Interagency Fire Center

ScreenHunter_121 Nov. 08 05.04

Obama believes global warming is getting worse because apparently he’s sweating a lot more during his second term

– Jay Leno


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5 Responses to US Has Its Least Extreme Weather Year On Record

  1. Sean McHugh says:

    Yes it was quiet. Too quiet.

  2. Otter says:

    But… won’t they just claim that is Extreme? Just like the mild winter last year, was extreme.

  3. The Iconoclast says:

    Almost two months left in the year and a big-ass cold front has pushed though and is blanketing most of the continental US with cold temperatures — it’s in the 30s in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arizona… we ain’t gonna be setting many more high temp records but plenty of low records still to come.

    It’s all global warming, of course, but people ain’t as stupid as they’re given credit for. I think it’s going to be a hard sell.

  4. David A says:

    Steve, can you shed some light on the first graph, which reads, “at all US HCN stations”? This is for 90 degree plus readings. In the past your charts going back this far stated for all ,”continuously active US HCN stations”, meaning that the chart was for the same number of stations for each year. If this is not for the same number of stations, how does that affect the chart?

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