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Super Typhoon Yolanda

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By Paul Homewood   Sadly it appears that at least 1000 lives have been lost in Typhoon Yolanda (or Haiyan), that has just hit the Philippines. There appear to have…

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Evidence Of A Mass Shooting In My Neighborhood

My neighbors are cleaning nearly 200 pheasants and geese they shot in South Dakota last week. Their girlfriends are thrilled by all the tasty food they brought back. The way that humans were designed to be, before progressives tried to … Continue reading

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Understanding Immigration Reform

In the early 20th century, immigrants came to America to try to build a life for themselves. Now they come to America to get a free ride. When we lived in Mountain View, California fifteen years ago, my wife used … Continue reading

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Obama To Restore America’s Legitimacy By Closing Guantanamo As Soon As He Takes Office

I have said repeatedly that I will close Guantanamo, and I will follow through on it

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I Thought You Said It Was Peasant Hunting Season

The president’s specific words: I’m “really good at killing people”

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“We Have To Pass The Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It”

Retired chemist Edward Schokowitz was incredulous when he received a letter from Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey early last month saying his Medicare Advantage Plan, which had no premium, would be eliminated next year. “They took all … Continue reading

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Einstein Said That All Serious Scientists Believe In Intelligent Design

Every one who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe-a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with … Continue reading

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