Jeff Masters Raises The Stupidity Bar To Previously Unknown Levels

Jeff Masters, meteorology director at the private firm Weather Underground, said in a blog post that the damage from Haiyan’s winds must have been “perhaps the greatest wind damage any city on Earth has endured from a tropical cyclone in the past century”.

BBC News – Typhoon Haiyan: ‘At least 100 dead’ says official

Miami was destroyed by a hurricane in 1926

ScreenHunter_153 Nov. 08 21.09

On October 9, well after the hurricane, the Red Cross reported that 372 persons had died in the storm and over 6,000 persons were injured.  Damages in 1926 dollars were estimated at $105 million, which would be more than $100 billion in today’s dollars.

Great Miami Hurricane of 1926

Darwin was destroyed by a cyclone in 1974

ScreenHunter_154 Nov. 08 21.12

Tracy killed 71 people, caused A$837 million in damage (1974 dollars) and destroyed more than 70 percent of Darwin’s buildings, including 80 percent of houses

Cyclone Tracy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Why is it that the world’s stupidest people are the ones revered by the press?

h/t to Marc Morano

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19 Responses to Jeff Masters Raises The Stupidity Bar To Previously Unknown Levels

  1. Diana says:

    Let’s not forget Galveston!

  2. gofer says:

    Why do they feel a need to lie when the truth was bad enough? It must be the highly developed sense of exaggeration. It has to be the worst.

    • There is a very good reason for it. Obama needs talking points, so Jeff Masters and John Cook manufacture them for him.

    • Sundance says:

      COP19 is coming up and they need delegates to be excited about something other than the food and parties. 🙂

      • Ernest Bush says:

        Remember, there has been an extreme shortage of hurricanes to rave over in recent years , so they have finally turned to overseas events in desperation. This one happened at a convenient time for them, so they have to hype this one event to the max. Never know when another crisis will develop, after all.

  3. Pathway says:

    They lie because they are mentally ill and should be put in a concen err re-education camp.

  4. tom0mason says:

    And I thought Jeff had stopped smoking that stuff!

  5. gofer says:

    This from Accuweather:

    At its peak, the winds of Haiyan were equivalent to peak winds of the infamous Typhoon Tip, which was known for having the lowest sea-level pressure ever observed on Earth and its massive size.

  6. Adam Gallon says:

    Past century folks, that’s since 2000AD? So he’s probably absolutely correct.

  7. David A says:

    That would be the current century I think.

  8. David Wozney says:

    City sizes and infrastructure amounts were much less, on average, on Earth in 1926 and 1974.

  9. darrylb says:

    All human enterprises will do what is necessary to exist. For example, long before the fifth IPCC report an idealization of dire climate warnings were formed.
    Much of the news media in the US has learned to genuflect before Obama, and therefore did not even question warnings of Obamacare several years ago. That is,what he says is true, Period!
    Don’t question it. He will bring hope and change to a dire situation. He intends to do the same in the climate change world has in Obamacare.
    In news media, too often bad new is good news and good news is not news. So—– gotta find some bad news. Soon a dovetail forms between certain members of the science community and certain members of the press. One such member has been Jeff Masters. Truth, facts are ignored.
    Another dovetail with a huge intermediate, high profile step was Hansen to Al Gore.
    I follow his climate reality projects, or his simple as high school physics stuff simply to categorically show the falsehoods in what he does.

  10. R. de Haan says:

    “Why is it that the world’s stupidest people are the ones revered by the press?”

    Because the press in infested by similar stupid people.

    They all believe in Hope and Change and the New Economy = UN AGENDA 21 Green NAZI Concentration Camp

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