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The BBC and Guardian are continuing to print Jeff Masters big typhoon lie, in articles with no comments. The goal is to get as much climate superstition out to the sheeple as quickly as possible.

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Thomas Jefferson Was The First Global Warming POTUS

Thomas Jefferson was worried about global warming, until Noah Webster explained to him that he was observing urban heat island effects. Unlike Obama, Jefferson was capable of listening and understanding – and didn’t force his ignorance on everyone else. “In … Continue reading

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Shock News : Jeff Masters’ Most Powerful Hurricane Ever Was Only A Category 4

Weather officials said Haiyan had sustained winds of 235 kph (147 mph) with gusts of 275 kph (170 mph) when it made landfall. By those measurements, Haiyan would be comparable to a strong Category 4 hurricane in the U.S., nearly … Continue reading

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Barry Obama Stalin Continues Purging The Top Military Brass

Obama continues his unprecedented Soviet style purge of top military brass, taking out a couple more on trumped up charges. Two United States admirals, including the Navy’s chief intelligence officer, were stripped of their access to classified information on Friday … Continue reading

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Hank Johnson Has Nothing Over Colorado’s Diane DeGette

Rep. Hank Johnson may be a complete idiot, but Diane DeGette from Denver is in the running for chief Congressional moron. Colorado Woman Who Championed Obamacare Loses Insurance Plan The Colorado Division of Insurance says 250,000 people in Colorado alone … Continue reading

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Racist Progressives

After the Benghazi attack, the western press completely ignored the Libyan president when he insisted it was a terrorist attack, and instead stuck with Hillary Clinton’s bullshit about YouTube. Since the Philippines cyclone, the western press have completely ignored the … Continue reading

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Jeff Masters Raises The Stupidity Bar To Previously Unknown Levels

Jeff Masters, meteorology director at the private firm Weather Underground, said in a blog post that the damage from Haiyan’s winds must have been “perhaps the greatest wind damage any city on Earth has endured from a tropical cyclone in … Continue reading

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Still Waiting On The Rapid Response Team

It has almost been three years since I sent this question over to John Cook’s Rapid Response Team. I expect to hear from them any day now. ———————- Antarctic sea ice is currently about three standard deviations above normal, according … Continue reading

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Shock News : The Philippines Have Always Had Super Typhoons

Ivan put this list together. Oct 22, 1882 “Observatory says lowest barometer at 11.40 a. m., 727.60 ; highest velocity wind registered, 144.4 miles an hour. Unable to measure greatest velocity of typhoon as anemometer damaged.” http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/38278695 The Philippines government … Continue reading

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Obama Says That Science Does Not Permit Theories

“It doesn’t create jobs when you go after scientists, and you try to offer your own alternative theories of how things work and engage in litigation around stuff that isn’t political,” “It has to do with what’s true. It has to do … Continue reading

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