Racist Progressives

After the Benghazi attack, the western press completely ignored the Libyan president when he insisted it was a terrorist attack, and instead stuck with Hillary Clinton’s bullshit about YouTube.

Since the Philippines cyclone, the western press have completely ignored the 146 MPH reports from the Philippine government, and are sticking with Jeff Masters 195 MPH bullshit.

Progressives see themselves as superior beings who were put here to protect the helpless and unintelligent brown people from evil and stupid American conservatives.

At some point they will learn they are actually the most useless people on earth, and that no one needs them – probably the hard way.

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3 Responses to Racist Progressives

  1. Don says:

    Just noticed the AccuWeather site post on the typhoon now has this headline: “Haiyan, Strongest Cyclone of the Year, Pounds the Phillipines.” That’s progress.

  2. markstoval says:

    Steve, I can’t find a link to the 146 MPH reports from the Philippine government. All Google gives me are msm reports of Jeff Masters 195 MPH line. Can you help me out please?

  3. Don says:

    Mark: Philippine weather service (PAGASA) has archived bulletins on Yolanda (Haiyan). The highest sustained wind speed of 235 kph (146 mph) is cited in just one bulletin as it made landfall on the eastern islands. Sustained wind speeds drop in each successive bulletin, and Yolanda was down to 175 kph as it headed west out of the Philippine area of responsibility.

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