Understanding Immigration Reform

In the early 20th century, immigrants came to America to try to build a life for themselves.

Now they come to America to get a free ride. When we lived in Mountain View, California fifteen years ago, my wife used to meet lots of Russians in Rengstorff Park who were being housed, fed and paid by the state of Californication to sit in the park and do nothing. They couldn’t believe their good luck.

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7 Responses to Understanding Immigration Reform

  1. Don says:

    Immigrants, si! Citizens, no. Immigrants have more rights than the citizen. We are at the tipping point in America. And while the attempt to secede from Colorado by some counties was defeated last Tuesday, several of those counties did in fact vote to secede from Colorado.

    The feds create a crisis then ‘warm heartedly’ offer to solve the problem. Amnesty for 11-20 million is no solution and when combined with these folks being allowed to bring in 30-50 million relatives, America is done.

    What does Obama call an illegal alien? An undocumented Democrat.

    And the Republicans? The stupid party at work.

  2. David says:

    You can tax my earnings but you can not force me to work enough to be taxed. I am about 2 years short of being able to build a house for cash on my farm in Texas and start a herd. At that point I will work part time and only earn to the point of 15% taxation. With no house payment, low rural property tax, low or no utility bill pelton wheel on a 50acre lake, or food bill to speak of I will effectively fall off the map at 50. I feel I can live better on 40000 in that scenario than the 200k I make now. Starve the beast.

  3. Karl W. Braun says:

    Rengstorff Park? The Walmart on Showers is right close by.

  4. Andy Oz says:

    Ditto in Australia. It’s a land of fantastic opportunity if you are willing to work.
    Everyone in Australia is an immigrant or a descendant of two. Almost everything here was built by immigrants. Immigrants are entrepreneurs by definition. Progressives are parasites on the society they infest.

  5. Pathway says:


  6. Chewer says:

    At least all four of my grandparents (immigrating from Finland in the early 1900’s) did the right thing by following all the rules (learning English and doing the required paperwork). They purchased land in the U.P. of Michigan, cut down 120 acres of hardwoods and pines (with 2-man saws) and used the work-horses to pull the stumps out before farming the land.
    They did have some very nice Finnish hunting rifles to aid in providing the kids with tasty meals, but other than that they did what anyone with a brain would do in that era, which is leave a socialist force in the brewing, for true freedom.
    These days it seems as if there is no place left to go….

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