Why Communism Goes Against Nature

Darwin taught that nature favors the strong and eliminates the weak. This keeps populations viable and functional.

By contrast, communism (like Obamacare) favors the weak and those with unhealthy lifestyles, while punishing the strong and healthy who take care of themselves. Same story with the schools’ No Child Gets Ahead program.

Obama’s core belief system is based on anti-science and ignorance of natural law, which is why he is destined to fail with everything he does.


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7 Responses to Why Communism Goes Against Nature

  1. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    Free enterprise is about the unequal distribution of wealth.

    Communism is about the equal distribution of misery.

    W. Churchill.

  2. Colorado Wellington says:

    True. But that’s good because in the long run Communism dies. The bad is that it favors the morally weak and the truly evil.

  3. hazze says:

    Nah Steve…Darwin said that nature favours the fittest…could be the most adaptable…not the strong…so keep adapting faster then the commies 🙂

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