Breaking News : Guardian Ramping Up The Big Lie – And Not Permitting Comments

ScreenHunter_180 Nov. 10 07.07

Typhoon Haiyan the biggest yet as world’s tropical storms gather force | World news |

Their earlier articles making those bogus claims have been hammered down in the comments section, so they are now not permitting comments.

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12 Responses to Breaking News : Guardian Ramping Up The Big Lie – And Not Permitting Comments

  1. AndrewS says:

    As the atmosphere cools… These people are idiots. I’m not a scientist, but even I know that a cooling world has more severe weather. It’s all about the gradient differences, with altitude, and with latitude.

  2. gator69 says:

    “Exaggeration of every kind is as essential to journalism as it is to dramatic art, for the object of journalism is to make events go as far as possible”
    – Arthur Schopenhauer quotes (German Philosopher, 1788-1860)

  3. David A says:

    gator, you may find my comment here in the Einstein thread, David A says: November 10, 2013 at 12:17 pm quite interesting and cogent to your discussion with Terrance.

    • gator69 says:

      Hey David! I enjoyed your addition to our little ‘conversation’. Terrence obviously has some issue with non-atheists, and another issue trying to locate facts that actually assist him in his arguments. I was amazed to discover that he was introduced to advanced maths before learning to read, and that when 95% of biologists admit to atheism they are actually suppressing their disbelief in God.

      Thanks again for sharing your insight, hopefully Terrence learned something of value.

  4. Climatism says:

    “John Vidal has a new article making the same bogus claims – with no comments section.
    The Philippines Weather Service says that the winds were below 150 MPH, making the storm a category 4 – 50 MPH lower than originally claimed by “foreign journalists”
    Why is the Guardian publishing information which known to be incorrect, and blocking comments?”

    hehe Gold

  5. Anthony Bremner says:

    It seems that there were normal to lower water temperatures in that area at the time. The propaganda goes on since people will believe anything they hear on TV. The comments sections though are showing some intelligent comments thankfully.( when they are allowed! )

  6. The storm was energised by cold aloft rather than warmth below.

  7. Anthony Bremner says:

    Looks like comments are open again, I was able to post this comment.

    10 November 2013 3:37pm

    Total cyclone energy this year appears to be very low so it is hard to blame global warming when the ocean temps in that area are normal to lower according to NASA satellites. Hurricane Sandy combined with very cold air to create snow emergencies in some states but that is not mentioned much in the media. In this case it seems more education in the dangers of storm surge are in order with better evacuation plans in low lying areas. More facts and less politics would be good too!
    Ocean temps here
    Total accumulated cyclone energy here.

    • Ernest Bush says:

      Thanks for the ocean temp link. It appears to me, as an amateur, that there is an awful lot of cool SST anomalies in the SI for this time of year. Is this a matter of time lag from their winter temps or a real anomaly? I am a relative newbie to climate science, who is learning everyday how the hype seems to be getting worse.

  8. Hugh K says:

    Same ol’ leftist code of ethics – Never let a good crisis go to waste.
    No doubt in the coming weeks, Zero will be using this latest crisis in the Philipines to defend a new round of executive orders to further damage traditional US energy producers.
    Meanwhile, as global warming continues to reside at the bottom of the list of voter concerns, the most transparent Administration in history refuses to release any information on Benghazi, even though it has been more than a year after four Americans were murdered in that hell-hole.

  9. Jill says:

    this winter is going to be a dewsy

  10. Anthony Bremner says:

    Looks like the Guardian has closed the comments section again on the Haiyan article below.. Too many intelligent comments and actual facts I suppose. Looks like Washington DC freezes with the coming Jet Stream dip. Houston at 35 deg soon. Lower PDO temps taking effect. Sunspot cycle due to turn down soon too. World cyclone energy down 26% according to including Haiyan.

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