Economist : We Don’t Use No Stinking Data To Reach Our Conclusions

geological evidence stretching back tens of thousands of years, obtained by drilling into the Vostok ice core in Antarctica, is now available. And that temperature record makes alarmingly clear how extraordinary would be a 6° increase in global temperature by 2100.

ScreenHunter_202 Nov. 11 09.38

Hotting up in The Hague | The Economist

This is a classic from the year 2000. The ice core data (turquoise line) shows recent temperatures cooling. They threw in a fake hockey stick in red at top of the graph without explanation, and used the same color for CO2 in the bottom graph. The graph is designed to confuse the reader into believing the opposite of what it shows.

The large increase in ice core CO2, corresponds with a decline in ice core temperatures.

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5 Responses to Economist : We Don’t Use No Stinking Data To Reach Our Conclusions

  1. jmrsudbury says:

    That is great! Though the scales are vastly different for both axes, it is neat to see how small the hockey stick’s less than one degree up tick would be barely noticeable and is still much lower than the previous peaks in the blue line.

  2. Colorado Wellington says:

    Well, yes, but will Nik’s “smart college educated liberal activists” ever take this data seriously?

  3. darrylb says:

    Show this to Big Al— it is his kind of thing.

  4. cousinarlo says:

    The ice core data line reminds me of a heart beat. There’s a rhythm to this earth that’s bigger than anything and everything we might do it. I wish this information could be part of every school’s and every teacher’s college curriculum(s?). The money wasted on the whole AGW scam could have cured a hundred diseases by now.

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