Too Much Information forms the basis of the climate propaganda machine.

A deadly flood or storm surge in Asia used to be page six news in the newspaper, if it made it all. Now it is 24×7 coverage on CNN. This makes people believe that the climate is spiraling out of control.

People used to be worried about Smallpox and drought and TB and Polio and flu and Pneumonia and not getting enough food to eat and childbirth – but now that they are comfortable and safe in their living rooms with an excess of everything, they imagine themselves to be endangered by far away weather events which have no impact on their lives.

Thirty-one million at risk of death in China was Page 6 news in 1931.

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21 Aug 1931 – CENTRAL CHINA FLOOD HORROR Worst Disaster in Cou…

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10 Responses to TMI

  1. bkivey says:

    My experience is that people who don’t have real problems tend to manufacture them. Building businesses and creative projects keep me from worrying about pretty much anything on the Progressive agenda.

  2. Andy Oz says:

    Feel free to label me a conspiracy theorist, but since everything is out in the open, I reckon I’m just joining the dots to something that is in plain sight.

    The carbon credit section of the financial services industry (FSI) developed over the past few decades is just another of the ways the FSI collect more and more money from the average punter. First it was income taxes, mortgages, then the pension funds, then managed investment funds, then 401k’s, the dotcoms and the sub prime debacle and so on. Since it is unlikely most sane people would voluntarily pay for a carbon credit, the FSI needs it to be mandatory and, even better, for the governments to pay for them directly and then pass the cost on to their taxpayers. Following the Edward Bernays MO, the first thing was to create the problem (CO2), get a reaction (panic the populace about CAGW) and offer the solution (carbon taxes to buy carbon credits). As the only supplier of carbon credits, all the money ends up with the FSI, principally located in London and in New York.
    Is it an idea from the Council of Foreign Relations and/or the Bilderberg group? I can’t say, because both are opaque organisations. And does it really matter? What matters is stopping stupid communist idealogues from convincing a majority of wimpy politicians that CAGW is threat to humanity and that the public should be taxed again. They have the MSM in their pocket right now but eventually, just like all the other scams, somone gets busted (like Obama and the NSA spy system).

    I look forward to that day.

    • Ivan says:

      Are there any black helicopters hovering over your house at the moment?
      If not, they can’t be far away.

      • Andy Oz says:

        Small fry like me don’t get on their radar, Ivan. They’d want Roy Spencer, Lord Munkton, Tony Watts and Stevie G and the like.
        Still, you never can tell…..

        • Ivan says:

          No – it doesn’t work that way. Yes, the likes of the people that you suggest are on the list, but they know where to find them in any event. But since they perform a valuable service, they get a “free pass.” They provide a forum and a magnet for “randoms” to discuss all sorts of wild ideas and strange conspiracy theories, and the more provocative they are, the more attention they will attract. I think the one thing that you can be sure of is that as soon as someone starts to connect a few dots in an open forum like this – as you have just done – then they will go onto the radar.

          It is worth bearing in mind that the U.S.A. is the most paranoid and surveilled society in the history of the planet. That’s all they do – sift through clues to determine who are the subversives, and what sort of potential risk they pose. In the normal course of events, they would have to troll through all your emails, all your bank accounts, all your credit card records, all your phone record, all your internet history – for months – and they may not get a fix on you. And then you make it easy for them by just going and blurting it all out.

          On the specifc point you make about carbon futures etc — ask yourself one question: if it was that big a deal, and that important to them, would you leave the UN in charge of running it? Or – at a local level – would you put a Kevin Rudd in charge? — or a Julia Gillard? — or — even worse — a brainless fuckwit like this:

      • Andy Oz says:

        Actually I don’t think I’ll see them coming. The Federales would love to have these babies.

  3. Jason Calley says:

    If you have not read Richard Brodie’s “islands” explanation of how TMI works, take two minutes and it will make sense:

  4. darrylb says:

    It is human nature to want (or need) some kind of religion or ideology and when life is otherwise empty, whatever is most available may fill that need

  5. darrylb says:

    Jason C. Thank for the TMI tip, well worth reading!

    • Jason Calley says:

      Glad you enjoyed it. When I first ran across Brodie’s analogy, it was something of a revelation for me. Yeah, I know, maybe I just impress easily — but it does illustrate a really important principle!

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