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Green Energy Destroying The Environment

CORYDON, Iowa — The hills of southern Iowa bear the scars of America’s push for green energy: The brown gashes where rain has washed away the soil. The polluted streams that dump fertilizer into the water supply. Even the cemetery … Continue reading

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October Gun Purchases Vs. Obamacare Purchases

  Americans 34 Times More Interested In Buying Guns Than Obamacare | Zero Hedge

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You Can’t Argue With Facts

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Hurricane Gilbert

I was living in Houston in September 1988, when the actual most powerful hurricane was forecast to hit the Texas coast. I remember covering the windows at the college I was teaching at in preparation for the storm. Fortunately the … Continue reading

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All Of The Typhoon Destruction Was Within Two Miles Of The Water

They had more than 24 hours notice, and had they been two miles inland would have been safe. Why were people in range of the storm surge at the time the storm hit? There shouldn’t have been any casualties. Part … Continue reading

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US 10 Hottest Summers Occurred Below 350 PPM CO2

NOAA and NASA claim that 2012 was “by far” the hottest year ever in the US, based on massively tampered data. But a look at the raw data shows that 2012 was not a very hot year in the US. … Continue reading

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Masters’ Big Lie Goes On

Typhoon Haiyan tore through the Philippines at record wind speeds before losing power and heading northwest. Mapping the Destruction of Typhoon Haiyan – Map – NYTimes.com The picture below clearly shows that the bulk of the damage was from the … Continue reading

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