Even The New York Times Is Starting To Report Facts

195 MPH is down to the 140 range, and the 40 foot storm surge is down to 13 feet. The death count was also exaggerated.

But in Tacloban, a city of 220,000 wrapped around a horseshoe-shaped bay, the water overflowed from the bay in all directions. It flooded practically everything in sight with fast-moving torrents as the sea level rose as much as four meters, or 13 feet. Winds exceeding 140 miles an hour tore away the roofs and windows that withstood the walls of water.

Mr. Romualdez said that he had personally lost everything, including his house. But he suggested that reports of damage to his own city might have been exaggerated, saying that only a couple hundred deaths had been confirmed by the authorities. Some officials have estimated that as many as 10,000 people died in Tacloban

Anger Rising Over Conditions in Ravaged Philippine City – NYTimes.com

The lies served their purpose however. Jeff Masters has created a legend that this was the largest storm in history, and it was mankind’s fault. Once progressives have latched on to a lie, they never let go of it.

h/t to Kent Clizbe

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8 Responses to Even The New York Times Is Starting To Report Facts

  1. gator69 says:

    Just like the 97% claim, that now applies to ALL alarmist myths.

  2. gator69 says:

    FOX just called Yolanda ‘possibly one of the deadliest natural disasters on record’. It has become hyperbole gamesmanship for the media.

  3. Step 2: Change the data to match the myth. Look for insane adjustments to account for the TOBS, siting, satellite vs ground, video analysis, and so on. A few more commissioned studies and it will be a category 6+ just like they said, and 350,000 bodies.

  4. R. de Haan says:

    We have arrived on the brink of total policy failure and inevitable collapse so now the ass holes in control apologize and continue their demolishing work as if nothing has happened.

    We first had Obama apologize for the cancelation of the health insurance of millions of Americans. He still has to apologize for his Obamacare debacle which failure on itself provides sufficient grounds to offer his resignation.

    Today we have apologies from a “Quantitive Easer” who managed the Federal Reserve’s $1.25 trillion agency mortgage-backed security purchase program, one of the policies that has bankrupted the USA. All I can say is “sorry America”.

    We can’t allow hack like this to apologize and walk away from the smoking ruins they leave behind. We can’t allow fraud which in fact is nothing less but organized crime.

    We have to bring these people to justice because it is the only way to restore America and enforce the right measures to prevent a similar situation in the future.

    Instead of filing his resignation, Obama is now governing the USA by Presidential Decree, a situation that is unacceptable, especially if we take the mess he already has made into account.

    The terrifying reality is that no serious opposition has emerged which means that our political system is bankrupt as well.

    Only the American people have the ability and the means to restore America.

    America has all the resources that enable a new “Golden Age” but only if we end the “lock-up” of these resources and drop the shackles on our economy, the red tape and the regulations that limit the exploration of rare earth materials and the use of Thorium.

    Instead of plastering the country with useless solar panels and wind mills we can introduce the existing Thorium technology that creates cheap and abundant energy, the very basis for any economy.

    We can make advantage of the enormous pile of nuclear waste and produce sizable Thorium reactors able to power entire cities. We have the opportunity to produce unlimited amounts of gasoline and clean diesel to power our cars.

    With this technology America has the ability to create millions of jobs and take the lead to power the world, promote liberty and freedom.

    Any other direction will leave the ball with the Chinese and that will reduce the USA to a third world banana republic for centuries to come or WWIII with a similar outcome.

    We have arrived at the end of the current road. We know the USA is controlled by a lunatic.
    We know we have to stop him before he finishes the job.
    We know we have all the tools, the people and the know how to really make a better world for all and maintain our freedom and prosperity.

    The choice we have to make clear.
    We have to answer the question that is currently on the table.

    Are we going to surrender to those who betrayal the legacy of our forefathers who fought and died for our freedoms now to be lost. Are we going to leave the big decisions that control our faith and future in the hands of the current administration and the political establishment or will we stand up and shape our future ourselves. Are we going to pay tribute to our legacy, fight back and free America or do we enter the next decade as slaves, dead men walking.

    This is where we stand and time will tell if Americans today have the same spirit as the Grand Generation or if our great civilization is going to die.

  5. Bob Knows says:

    This storm story is a lot like Clinton’s “Wag the Dog” military excursions. Its being greatly over exaggerated to focus popular attention away from Odumbo and his ongoing failures. Yes, some small beach town (like NJ) had damage out on the beaches. Fools live on beaches and get wiped off by hurricanes. DUH! Wag the Dog.

  6. kirkmyers says:

    Jeff Masters is a disgrace. He’s not a meteorologist; he’s a propagandist. He long ago abandon any pretense of integrity in his crusade to “save the planet” from the AGW bogeyman. Scientific facts and real-world data are curiously absent from his arsenal of manipulated disinformation. Sadly, he’s taken seriously by many unskeptical True Believes. They are are an over-trusting bunch who have swallowed whole his “climate change” flimflam.

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