Hurricane Gilbert

ScreenHunter_250 Nov. 12 13.32

ScreenHunter_251 Nov. 12 13.34

I was living in Houston in September 1988, when the actual most powerful hurricane was forecast to hit the Texas coast. I remember covering the windows at the college I was teaching at in preparation for the storm. Fortunately the storm missed Texas.

ScreenHunter_249 Nov. 12 13.28

The Daily Sentinel – Google News Archive Search


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5 Responses to Hurricane Gilbert

  1. Gamecock says:

    I was working in Richmond at the time. Me and my weather savvy friends could not comprehend a pressure of 888 millibars.

    A story at the time, perhaps urban legend, was that the hurricane chasers got their C-130 down
    to only 10,000 feet in the eye, and not the customary 5,000, as they feared for their lives. The 888 was not directly measured, but rather calculated from readings at 10,000 feet.

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