NASA Eliminates That Inconvenient Warm Period Prior To 1950

NASA motto : If the data doesn’t match your theory, simply change the data.

Original version  Altered version

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5 Responses to NASA Eliminates That Inconvenient Warm Period Prior To 1950

  1. mkelly says:

    There has been a naval air station at Keflavik Iceland since WWII. There should be archived temperature records from then until some time in 2006 when the base closed.

  2. Morgan in Sweden says:

    I know that some swedish climate realists did ask the official weather buro in Island about this and the reply was that the change by GISS did not make any sence, this is just a another fake curve done by GISS.

  3. Aard Knox says:

    Don’t know if there’s anything sinister in this but your link to that Altered Version produces a message that says:
    Page unavailable
    — Please Note —
    Due to technical problems with the GISS webserver, some interactive content, such as creating scientific plots using web forms, is disabled.

  4. gator69 says:

    I would call for more NASA funding if they could eliminate the inconvenient Obama period.

  5. omanuel says:

    NASA obscured, hid and ignored data during the Space Age that would have revealed the Sun’s internal structure: Pulsar core, iron-rich mantle and H/He atmosphere.

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