Shock News : 1898 Philippines Typhoon Killed Three Times As Many People

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CO2 was below 300 PPM at the time.

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17 Responses to Shock News : 1898 Philippines Typhoon Killed Three Times As Many People

  1. De Paus says:

    Piers Corbyn’s Comment on the Super typhoon
    “Extreme typhoons like this – and deadly landfalling Atlantic Hurricanes like Sandy which hit New York in 2012 – are an inevitable consequence of the Mini-Ice-Age – Wild-Jet-Stream climate now developing and will increase in frequency this decade and next decade. The delusional CO2 theory has no role in this whatsoever.
    “These storms are solar-lunar driven events and largely predictable. This storm specifically ramped-up dramatically during our, (WeatherAction Solar-Lunar-Action-Technique) Top Red R5 Weather period 4-6th Nov and now the same storm is exacerbated by a second TopRed R5 period 9-10th. Having two R5’s so close is unusual. This second whammy made the Typhoon track shift somewhat rightwards of standard models, just as our Br+Ir+Eu storm of 28-29th OCT did so in accordance with our prediction.
    “Solar activity is generally lower during Mini-Ice-Age’s and so the relative changes in activity and more specifically magnetic connectivity are more dramatic and with the generally wild jet stream make these extreme storms and superstorms more frequent world-wide.
    “I warned of the coming increase in Sandy-type storms (and extreme Pacific Typhoons in discussion) in my presentation to the GAFTA (Grain and Feed Trades Assoc) conference in Geneva in May. – slide 52. This point was also repeated in my presentation on morning of 8 Nov to the IAOM – International Association of Operative Millers – conference in Sousse, Tunisia.
    “Our series of (trial) forecasts of Tropical storms have been very successful – eg for Irene from 12 weeks ahead – slide 31 in above Presentation.
    “On this particular Typhoon one must ask why warning was, it appears, not given of the Storm driven Tsunami. Look at the pictures. Many palm trees survived even if damaged then look below them. The tsunami-flood dealt the death blow to houses and people who were warned of wind but not the violent flood it appears according to TV reports. These storm following floods are totally predictable and well understood phenomena and lead to destruction and loss of life unless warnings are made and acted upon”

    CO2 Warmists lie again, no surprise
    As expected the CO2 Warmist sect claim the super typhoon is evidence of man made climate change. This is opportunist delusional drivel which they just made up. They claimed many things in the last ten years eg more hurricanes USA and the end of snow in uk which all failed, now they just claim everything bad is evidence of their fraudulent theory and the Philippines delegate to the COP conference is making deranged claims which are against the interests of his people.
    The fact is this storm ramped up in a predicted solar driven Top red R5 period and without that it would have been just another typhoon. Or, do the Warmist cherry-Pickers think C02 caused those solar events? Furthermore we warned there would be more very extreme storms in the developing Mia wild jet stream conditions even if less storms in number. This is being confirmed. The biggest storm in the last 400 years in Europe was the tempest of 1703 which came in the later part of the Maunder Minimum Mini ice age. The warmists cannot predict anything and are holding back science. Their sect must be destroyed, or as Scipio would have said “Delenda est warmistas”.
    Piers Corbyn (44)(0)7908734296

  2. A.D. Everard says:

    More eye-opener news from the past. This is great! Nothing bites them as much as their own words, failed predictions and those pesky facts that keep getting in their way. Keep it up. 🙂

  3. EVM says:

    This happened at the time before cell phones, broadcast TV and radio. This was before satellite forecasting and storm alert warnings. If this storm happened today, the death toll could have been much less that what has been reported.

  4. EVM says:

    Typhoon mentioned above has been well documented. First hand accounts peg total death toll on the islands of Samar and Leyte at 1299. Latest death toll from Haiyan (as of 11/22) from the two islands is 3421.

    As you may agree, initial news report were overstated.

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