US Forest Fires Down 77% Since 1938

There were 42,538 wild fires in the US this year – the lowest total since 1984.

National Interagency Fire Center

National Interagency Fire Center

In 1938, there were 185,000 wild fires in the US

The number of fires is down 77% since 1938.

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6 Responses to US Forest Fires Down 77% Since 1938

  1. Bob Greene says:

    It can’t be true. I have it from many excellent authorities that this unprecedented global warming has resulted in massive increases in fires.

  2. mt says:

    Since I was called out on this by a commenter, so shall I call out you:

    Prior to 1983, sources of these figures are not known, or cannot be confirmed, and were not derived from the current situation reporting process. As a result the figures above prior to 1983 shouldn’t be compared to later data.

    Unless you really believe there was a step change in fire count, but not area, between 1982 and 1983.

    • I can confirm that humans were too stupid to count prior to 1983, but they were able to go to the moon.

      • mt says:

        If the counting methodology change was in the opposite direction (old data had lower fire counts) and someone used an old vs. new comparison to show a dramatic increase in fires, you’d eviscerate their argument. You’re smart enough to know exactly what you’re doing, and if you don’t retract this, it speaks volumes.

  3. A.D. Everard says:

    It must be getting hard for them not to find convenient disasters that haven’t been bigger before.

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