Deadliest Typhoon In History – Came After 30 Years Of Global Cooling

Science News, Vol. 107

ScreenHunter_304 Nov. 14 08.36


ScreenHunter_305 Nov. 14 08.38

ScreenHunter_307 Nov. 14 08.49

Daytona Beach Sunday News-Journal – Google News Archive Search

The Philippines were also hit by two catastrophic typhoons within one week that year.

ScreenHunter_306 Nov. 14 08.48

The Sun – Google News Archive Search

Trenberth says that typhoons are caused by global warming.


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5 Responses to Deadliest Typhoon In History – Came After 30 Years Of Global Cooling

  1. Bob Greene says:

    That was the Boha Typhoon with a death toll estimated at 500,000?

  2. Andy DC says:

    There was a typhoon in Vietnam around 1881 that killed 300,000. To say that typhoons are anything new or unusual is total agenda driven insanity.

  3. Rosco says:

    Trenberth thinks you can sit between two ice cubes at minus 18 degrees C and bask in the combined radiation emissions at a balmy 30 degrees C – this is what the greenhouse effect lecturers teach.

    2 x 239.7 Watts per square metre ( 255 K or minus 18 C) = 479.4 Watts per square metre.

    479.4 Watts per square metre = 303 K or plus 30 C.

    There you have it – sit between 2 huge ice cubes and bask in a balmy 30 C !!!

    And people like that have actual scientific qualifications ????

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