A Third Of A Century – And Nothing

I became a true believer in global warming 33 years ago, while doing research at Los Alamos National Labs.

A third of a century later, nothing they predicted has come true. The US just had the quietest tornado season on record, the quietest hurricane season on record, the fewest forest fires since 1984, the second fewest hundred degree readings in a century, and no change in global temperature for 17 years.

It is all a bunch of total bullshit.

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15 Responses to A Third Of A Century – And Nothing

  1. Eric Simpson says:

    It is all a bunch of total bullshit.

    Exactly! Flat out hogwash! Utter baloney.
    Politically (leftist) motivated lies and deceptions.
    Interesting story: http://freebeacon.com/climate-scientists-murder-worlds-oldest-creature/
    An innocent 507 year old clam killed by climate “scientists.” And what’s much worse is their plans for the world, their de-development / de-industrialization plans that would starve and strangle countries of energy and economic sustenance, these plans would kill humans by the millions if not billions. They don’t seem to really care about that at all, just like they didn’t care when they killed that nice old clam.

  2. gator69 says:

    I was briefly convinced of the ‘Desertification’ claim as a climatology student, and was therefore prepared for the ‘Global Warming’ scam when it came about. Fool me once…

  3. Bob Greene says:

    I became skeptical about climate science with the hype over the coming ice age in the early ’70’s. Global warming skeers seemed to be coordinated, rarely did you see two come out at the same time and in the realm of “Oh, yea, I’ve got a more catastropic prediction, you ain’t heard nothing yet.” I’ve been around too many leftist enviro types to believe any of that.

    Yep “It is all a bunch of total bullshit.”

    • gator69 says:

      At least with ‘Global Cooling’, there is a real threat. Ice Ages are real, and really really bad. Interglacials are real, but really really good, and never have spiraled out of control. Global Warming as a threat was always laughable to me.

  4. pinroot says:

    I left the Church of AGW about 7 years ago. I had gone back to college and they were actually offering a class in it. I was on the fence at the time, leaning more towards “it’s real” than the other way, and I took the class and came away totally convinced. About a year later I read Michael Crichton’s “State Of Fear” which has the basic premise that AGW might be a fraud. I was shocked, how could he say such a thing! But the book actually has lots of citations of articles and papers supporting the non-AGW position that Crichton used to back up his “fictional” premise. It was easy to check things out from there, and I eventually came to realize it was a lot of bad science and BS.

    Since leaving, I’ve noticed one other thing: True Believers dislike anyone who disagrees with them, but they reserve a special hatred for anyone who was a believer but has now left the church.

  5. Oh but you know — you KNOW — they will do some quick revisions and prove that whatever is happening is just ONE of the posssible scenarios they had ALWAYS prophecied.

  6. Rosco says:

    The trouble is I think it will take an ice age to convince the zealots the “science” is flawed and that is something we all should hope never happens with the current population and the reduction in food supply lower temperatures will cause.

    Of course limiting fossil fuel usage will cause a reduction in the food supply anyway.

    It is interesting that the very things that are alleged to harm us – global warming and fossil fuel driven technology have produced only benefits to humanity with longer life spans, increased food production and rising living standards despite rapidly increasing populations – there must be a limit somewhere though ?

    But I think all the “Save the Planet” messages are BS – the planet will be fine no matter what.

    Let’s concentrate on real pollution problems and real conservation problems and fix them – the money wasted on climate change would have been better spent.

    I continually see the threat of climate change to the Great Barrier Reef cited as cause for alarm yet the population of the crown of thorns starfish is increasing and is acknowledged as the biggest single threat causing the most damage yet it has been ignored for decades – go figure ?

    • X says:

      I don’t think we’ll see an ice age (it’ll take a few centuries to manifest), but we should be prepared for a new LIA.
      The next decade is critical and the cooling trend should intensify anytime from next year to 2017. All those that I’ve read, who are predicting the intensification of the cooling, are giving this period for the onset of a deeper fall of temperatures.
      In my view the only forcing that is keeping us from more pronounced cooling is the fact that we’re at solar maximum, but the present solar cycle is already showing signs of decline.

      • gator69 says:

        “Until recently, scientists assumed that ice ages began slowly. New studies show, however, that all previous ice ages began abruptly. Many ice ages began catastrophically, with the climate shifting from periods of warmth such as today’s to full-blown glacial severity in less than 20 years.”


        Another reason why we should not worry about a little warming.

        • X says:

          The *rapidity* of these processes (either the onset of glaciations or interglacial periods, which usually happen even faster) is probably one of the greatest enigmas in (true) climatology today.
          I don’t know anyone who can explain how it happens.

  7. jeremy says:

    I asked 3 people all of which believe agw to be real, what the biggest greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is, all three of them said CO2, so I told them that water vaper cloud cover is the biggest greenhouse gas, 1 of them said nothing, 1 of them called me a deniar, and the other one said yes but c02 traps heat and cloud cover does not . these people are totally brainwashed.

  8. gregole says:

    This is what keeps me coming back to climate blogs – this one at least daily; how can the greater public tolerate, what’s more actually believe in Man-Made Global Warming Catastrophe? First off, it clearly is simply not happening; nothing untoward or horrible with climate is going on at all; actually, not much is going on, and none of it, none of it is outside historic bounds. How can any rational human being buy into this? Man Made Catastrophic Global Warming is a bust. There is no problem to address, solve, discuss, understand, settles some science over or anything else. It’s not happening. None of the terrible predictions have happened or are happening.

    Pretty much I had tuned it out until Climategate 1.0 in 2009 and the low-comedy debacle in Copenhagen Denmark that same year.

    After Climategate I read up on the subject a bit and gasp horror, concluded that MSM had been telling egregious porkies all along. They are still at it. Eventually cancelled subscriptions to all magazines – years before had given up on anything televised or on on the radio that purported to be news.

    But why all the lies and nonsense? Why won’t anybody mainstream call a spade a spade? Who are they trying to kid? What is the point?

  9. Skiphil says:

    Now Mikie Mann is styled as a “computer geek” who had politics thrust upon him:

    Meet the Computer Geek Who Took on Ken Cuccinelli—and Won
    Michael Mann didn’t come to politics. Politics came to him.

    The clouds of disingenuous bloviation from and about this guy are simply astonishing.

  10. X says:

    I stopped being a “warmist” in 2006 and became a “coolist” at the end of 2008.

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