Climate Science Year In Review

  • Screwed up the Arctic ice forecast
  • Screwed up the drought forecast
  • Screwed up the hurricane forecast
  • Set a new record for temperature data tampering
  • Lied about a fire in Colorado being the worst ever
  • Lied about a flood in Colorado being the worst ever
  • Lied about a typhoon in the Philippines being the worst ever
  • Lied about ocean heat
  • Lied about global warming
  • Lied about their confidence levels
  • Lied about sea level
  • Lied about extreme weather
  • Lied about the quality of climate models
  • etc. etc etc.

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8 Responses to Climate Science Year In Review

  1. Dave G says:

    Piomass october numbers are out.
    “Things are getting really interesting now, with volume levels back to those of 2007, slightly above them even (43 km3), and over 2000 km3 behind last year’s record low! It was 1768 km3 at the end of September.

  2. Cheshirered says:

    Semantics here from Goddard. Apart from endless failed predictions, criminal levels of data tampering and repeatedly lying across the board, everyone knows the actual science is 97% settled. /

  3. Phil Jones says:


  4. Andy Oz says:

    Another bunch of warmist lies about sea temperatures attached below.
    “Models say” that warm tropical seas will move south and north towards the poles, because of CO2. Do alarmists have any idea how much heat is required to do that? GHG’s won’t do it. 400,000 atomic bombs a day might do the trick. If only we had enough uranium.

    Click to access 1420SebilleMR1Thurs.pdf

  5. gator69 says:

    It’s Bush’s fault.

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