Destroying The Republic Through Lies

When one candidate decides that his personal agenda is more important than the needs of the country, and requires that he lie about his positions – that deprives the electorate of the right to chose their president.

The US elected a completely different person than the one who is occupying the most transparent White House in history, and it is time for the press, Congress and public to correct the situation.

Had the public known that Obama was lying about retaining health insurance, he wouldn’t have been elected. Hundreds or thousands of people had to have known about it, and are culpable for conspiracy and racketeering.

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10 Responses to Destroying The Republic Through Lies

  1. Kent Clizbe says:

    The belief system of American Politically Correct Progressives is based on lies.
    They (PC-Progs) know that they must lie.
    A majority of Americans do not share PC-Progs’ beliefs–that America is fundamentally bad, and it must be destroyed.
    So PC-Progs must lie.
    Virtually everything they say is a lie, especially during an election.
    Because the media, academia/education, and Hollywood are all dominated by the PC-Prog belief system, PC-Prog politicians are not held accountable for their lies–instead they enable the liars. (See the NY Times’ comments about Obama’s serial lying about Obamacare).
    Time to stop giving PC-Progs the benefit of the doubt.
    AGW “climate policy,” Obamacare, foreign policy, every issue is founded on lies.

  2. gator69 says:

    I didn’t vote for him. I held my nose the first time and voted the other guy, last time I hoped that my fellow Americans were not a bunch of drooling morons and voted for the only qualified candidate.

    Hillary is already picking out the drapes and looking for a cute intern or two.

  3. Jason Calley says:

    Additionally, in order to get Obama re-elected, the IRS was used to help muzzle conservative groups by denying them proper legal status. In other words, not only did the Obama crowd lie to get elected, they then used the coercive force of the government to squelch their opponents.

    I am old enough to remember when Nixon asked the IRS to clamp down on his political enemies. The IRS (correctly) refused to do it. Times have changed and the checks and balances written into our system of governance no longer work.

  4. nigelf says:

    This poll shows that as of this post four respondents are totally brain dead and living in an alternate reality from the rest of us.

  5. higley7 says:

    The fact that 7% of our citizens would have voted for our Undocumented Worker-in-Chief even if they knew that he lied to them means that we have some serious sociopaths and racists in our midst. Generally, we have about 4% sociopaths, but then sociopaths tend toward liberalism, seeking control and power. The racists are simply racists. They would have voted for Hitler if he was black.

  6. tom0mason says:

    Jacob Bronowski* warned about the west loosing it’s way back in the 1980s. –

    *see his Wiki here –

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