Southwest Permanent Drought Update

Two years ago, Romm announced the official start of the permanent drought in the southwest, and a few weeks ago the LA Times announced that New Mexico would never recover from the drought – about a week before New Mexico flooded.


10-Day Precipitation Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

The LA Times won’t print letters from skeptics, because they say they have a policy of only presenting facts. Has there ever been a group of more stupid and dishonest people than climate alarmists? I doubt it.


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4 Responses to Southwest Permanent Drought Update

  1. Traitor In Chief says:

    There is Dear Leader, the Liar in Chief.

  2. theyouk says:

    Someone may have commented on this elsewhere, but I had to suppress an overwhelming desire to vomit when I glanced a the sub-section stating “Tornado Outbreak: 120 Million at Risk!”

    Why stop there? Why not say “Comets in Solar System: 7 Billion at Risk!”

    Friggin’ snake oil salesmen / agents of hype / a__holes. Yes, I just said that. Grrrr….

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