Deadliest US Tornado Occurred During One Of The Coldest Years Ever

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Ellensburg Daily Record – Google News Archive Search

1925 was one of the coldest years ever on Earth according to NASA’s garbage temperature data.


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3 Responses to Deadliest US Tornado Occurred During One Of The Coldest Years Ever

  1. Bob Greene says:

    Next you will be bringing up the Johnstown flood and other disasters. Now, you have to remember that individual weather incidents do not mean anything unless you need to demonstrate the terrible potential ravaging affects of CAGW, then isolated individual events are QED.

  2. Organic Fool says:

    The kinetic model of weather does not take into account the fact that planets much farther out in the Solar System have sustained winds that make those on our planet seem like gentle breezes. The average wind speeds on the gas giant planets are fantastic.

    Jupiter’s winds clock at 635 kilometers per hour around the Great Red Spot; Saturn’s average wind speed is up to 1800 kilometers per hour; Uranus 900 kilometers per hour; and Neptune comes in at 1138 kilometers per hour. On Neptune the winds are blowing through an atmosphere that measures minus 220 degrees Celsius. Why is it that the most remote planets, receiving small fractions of the solar energy bathing Earth, are able to convert that small fraction into much larger effects?

    As mentioned in previous Pictures of the Day, Earth is a small charged body moving in a large cell of plasma, so physical phenomena on or near the planet must take the electrical nature of plasma into account. Contemplating the larger picture will help to add new details to the study of everyday phenomena, such as the weather.

    Lightning could be the force that powers the wind. Neptune has some of the strongest winds of any planet in the Solar System, yet it is farthest from the Sun. Perhaps hurricanes, tornadoes, and even prevailing winds are due to the electric currents endemic to planetary atmospheres?

    The Electric Universe hypothesis agrees with conventional theory that wind is movement of air molecules, but that there are other explanations. What are those other agents of movement?
    Plasma Storms – Why do planets farthest from the Sun have the fastest winds?

  3. Organic Fool says:

    Giant columns of whirling dust on Mars add new surprises in planetary exploration. Experts now agree that analogous “dust devils” on Earth contain powerful electric fields.

    In the larger scheme of things, dust devils on Earth have always been treated as trivial phenomena. But this perception has changed with recent discoveries by investigators in Arizona and Nevada. They found that dust devils have a strong electric field, often exceeding 4,000 volts per meter.

    The discovery came as a surprise. Prior thermal and mechanical models of dust devils had predicted no electric fields. But ironically, it was discoveries on the planet Mars that provoked a reconsideration of atmospheric vortices on earth. On Mars, “dust devils” much larger than terrestrial tornadoes sporadically rake across the surface, achieving things that traditional meteorology considered impossible in the nearly airless Martian environment. The tracks of these Everest-sized “whirlwinds” speak for high-energy activity never imagined, inscribing the Martian surface with their darkened tracks. (See Picture of the Day: Europa and Mars)

    Atmospheric density on Mars is only one percent that of Earth. How could a Martian “wind” excavate soil with sufficient energy to leave extensive tracks clearly visible from space? Of course, the same question is posed by the planet’s global dust storms, these having been observed for several decades.

    In July, 1999, Wallace Thornhill wrote “The 5 mile high dust devils on Mars and the global Martian dust storms are, I believe, a manifestation of electric discharges on Mars.” And more recently, he wrote “Make no mistake, the Martian dust devils are tornadoes that dwarf their earthly counterpart… Clouds are not required to generate them. They are an atmospheric electric discharge phenomenon”.
    Mar 21, 2005
    Electric Dust Devils on Mars

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