LA Times Takes Climate Lying To New Levels

This may be the most spectacular bullshit they have come up with yet.

In Washington, Ill., where at least one person was killed and 37 others injured, officials suspect the tornado that blasted the town may have been an EF-4, packing winds from 166 mph to 200 mph.

There have been more than three dozen moderate-strength tornadoes in Illinois since record keeping began in 1885, but there had never been such a strong tornado in Illinois “until this year,” the weather service said.

‘Off the charts’ November storms led to record-breaking tornadoes –

The deadliest tornado in US history was an F-5 which hit Illinois during March, 1925. There have been more than 1,400 tornadoes in Illinois since 1990.

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Ellensburg Daily Record – Google News Archive Search

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6 Responses to LA Times Takes Climate Lying To New Levels

  1. Jorge says:

    The LA Times won’t publish articles from “deniers” because they aren’t scientifically sound, yet they publish outright rubbish like this. Alright then. These are desperate times for the warmists.

  2. gofer says:

    Some facts about Chicago’s Significant Tornadoes

    There were 92 significant tornadoes in the 8 county Chicago metro area between 1855 and 2008.

    The deadliest tornado occurred on April 21, 1967 during an outbreak of 5 significant tornadoes. A violent F4 tornado formed in Palos Hills in Cook County and traveled through Oak Lawn and the south side of Chicago. 33 people died and 500 people were injured by this 200 yard wide tornado that traveled 16 miles and caused over $50 million in damage.

    The most recent significant tornadoes occurred on June 7, 2008 over Will and Cook Counties.

    The only F5 tornado to ever strike the Chicago area was on August 28 1990. This tornado formed near Oswego and passed through Plainfield, Crest Hill, and Joliet. The tornado killed 29, injured 350, and caused $165 million in damage along a 16 mile path.

  3. gofer says:

    Other Significant Tornadoes Near the Chicago Metro Area

    Rockford – On September 14, 1928 an F4 tornado had a 26 mile path from 8 miles south southwest of Rockford through the southeast side of the city and ended in Boone County. 14 people were killed, 100 injured, and $1.2 million in damage was done. This was part of a large outbreak. There were several other tornadoes in southern Wisconsin.

    Kankakee – In addition to the 1948 F4 tornado which started in eastern Kankakee County and passed through Lake County Indiana (which is already documented in the Chicago statistics) there was an F4 tornado April 17, 1963. It had a 70 mile path from 3 miles northwest of Essex to just west of Medaryville, IN. It affected Kankakee, Newton, Jasper, and Pulaski Counties. There was near F5 damage with several houses swept away in Kankakee County and again in Jasper County. The worst damage was in the Bradley-Bourbonnais area north of Kankakee. 1 person was killed and 70 were injured.

    One of the biggest tornadoes of the April 3, 1974 super-outbreak began in rural Benton County, but the most intense damage was at Monticello in White County where the damage path was 1/2 mile wide. This F4 tornado had a 121 mile path but may have been a family of 3 tornadoes.
    A deadly F3 tornado struck the small Illinois River town of Utica in LaSalle County April 20, 2004, killing 8 people.

  4. Harold Brooks says:

    They left out the words “in November” and made the correction 3 hours later.

    • The author made the correction after I tweeted him

      Matt Pearce ‏@mattdpearce 15h @SteveSGoddard Ohhh I see what you mean now. That graf is November stats but I didn’t make that clear enough, will fix.

  5. Phil Jones says:

    They axe like a tornado has never hit ground before in IL… Then throw out the 200mph term with absolutely no evidence… As if for shock value… Seems a 2 minute Google Search reveals that this tornado is neither unusual nor unusually large… 1400 since 1990 alone? These people should be ashamed…

    Thanks for putting things into perspective Steven…

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