Weekend Tornado Surge Bumps 2013 Up To Quietest Tornado Season On Record

ScreenHunter_118 Nov. 20 06.17

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4 Responses to Weekend Tornado Surge Bumps 2013 Up To Quietest Tornado Season On Record

  1. Andy DC says:

    Yes, but every time a bunch of leaves swirl around, it is all due to climate change.

    There apperas to be some big news on the weather front. One of the coldest air masses EVER for so early in the season is starting to enter the US. It was -55 F in the Yukon ths morning and midday temperatures in Alberta are as low as -22 F. It is currently -9 in Edmonton. It is only November 20th for heavens sake! I would expect a huge number of low temperature records set over the next several days. Some football games this weekend are going to be played in awful conditions, unless they are cancelled since people are now such wusses.

  2. F. Guimaraes says:

    The predictions of Abdussamatov about 2014 may have started to happen,

    Click to access KPhCB23_3_97.pdf

    “… The tendency of decrease in the global Earth temperature started in 2006–2008 will temporarily pause in 2010–2012. The increase in TSI within a short 11-year cycle 24 is expected to temporarily compensate the decrease in TSI within the ongoing 2-century variation. Only the decrease in TSI within the ongoing 11-year cycle 24 accompanied by continued decrease of its 2-century component in 2013–2015 will lead to stable subsequent cooling of our planet, which is expected to reach its minimum in the phase of a deep cooling by 2055–2060 ± 11 (Abdussamatov H.I. Bulletin of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory. 2007. 103. No. 4. p. 292–298). The cooling can be similar to the one observed in the whole Europe, North America and Greenland in 1645–1715 in the period of Maunder minimum of solar luminosity and sunspot activity when the temperature will fall by 1–1.5 Celsius degrees down to the mark of the so-called Maunder minimum …”

    but we’re still close to solar max and positive AMO.
    I’m expecting 2015 and the following years to be even more interesting.
    The first Livingston-Penn report was predicting the collapse of sunspots for 2015, and they were denied publication because their predictions were “too radical”.
    The truth, in our times generalized pseudo-science, means “radicalism”.

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