Celebrating 50 Years Of Settled Climate Change Science

The Canberra Times – 17 February 1961

Why Climates  Everywhere  Are Changing

NEW YORK (Associated Press). — What strange concert of forces is at work, changing the earth’s climate?  Experts pondered that question and suggested possible culprits ranging from carbon dioxide to sunspots to the earth’s magnetism.

17 Feb 1961 – Why Climates Everywhere Are Changing

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4 Responses to Celebrating 50 Years Of Settled Climate Change Science

  1. gofer says:

    One promise Obama kept

    Price of Electricity Hit Record for October; Up 42% in Decade

  2. Andy DC says:

    Now that the Senate can no longer fiilbuster judicial appointments, it will be more taxes and regulation for CO2 emissions, with wink and a nod from the courts.

  3. Ivan says:

    Australia’s CSIRO – celebrating at least 30 years of alarming the public about global warming:
    “So it was with some surprise that citizens heard climatologists of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation warn the Government last week that it should begin planning for a rapid and pronounced warming of the continent during the next 50 years. A 50-year weather forecast is a bit much for people who are sceptical of 24-hour ones. Are the climatologists being exceptionally brave, or are they relying on either the public forgetting that the forecast was ever made or on their own likely absence 50 years from now?
    The scientists say that rising levels of carbon dioxide, methane and fiuorocarbons in the atmosphere will lead to a “greenhouse effect”, lifting average temperatures by as much as three degrees over the next two decades and by five degrees within 50 years.”
    22 June 1986

    • Ivan says:

      The Australian Government – celebrating 25 years of alarming the public about global warming:
      The Greenhouse Effect:

      An increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from the burning of coal, oil and gas is steadily warming the earth. As the earth warms up, major climate changes — rising sea levels, more storms, changes in rainfall — are expected to occur.
      25 June 1988

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