1912 Typhoon Killed 15,000 In The Philippines, Destroyed Tacloban

1912 was the year when the Titanic was sunk by an iceberg, and Hansen claims 1912 was one of the ten coldest years ever.  Tacloban was destroyed by  a typhoon that year, which killed 15,000 people.

From the Washington Herald, November 30, 1912.

That 15,000 persons were probably killed and wounded ln a Typhoon that swept the Philippine Islands last Tuesday was reported yesterday ln cable dispatches to the Bureau of Insular Affairs. The typhoon swept the Visayas and is said to have practically destroyed Tacloban. the capital of Leste


1912 reports on Tacloban storm ‘killing’ 15,000 resurface | Headlines, News, The Philippine Star | philstar.com



Climate criminals from the hockey team now claim that typhoons in Tacloban are caused by global warming.


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4 Responses to 1912 Typhoon Killed 15,000 In The Philippines, Destroyed Tacloban

  1. tom0mason says:

    As there was not an phone app for this event, or for the aftermath, it could not have been…

  2. Phil Jones says:

    Shaping up to be another cold winter… The Hockey Team can lace up their skates and play outside on the frozen pond AGAIN this year…

  3. mwhite says:

    Cyclone Nargis hit Burma in 2008


    “and there have been allegations that government officials stopped updating the death toll after 138,000 to minimize political fallout.”

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