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We All Know That Climate Change Is Occurring

“Climate change is not a controversy,” Chang said. “We all know that it is occurring.” Western Herald – New York Times reporter lectured at WMU about media bias, used global warming as a case study Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

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Thirty Six Degrees Of Global Cooling Since Kennedy

JFK was shot riding in a convertible on a warm November 22, 1963 in Dallas. The temperature that day was 71 degrees. Fifty years later, November 22 was 35 degrees. JFK would not have been riding in a convertible this year. h/t … Continue reading

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Understanding The Relationship Between Carbon Taxes And Typhoons

If the government confiscates your money, it protects people in the Philippines who won’t bother to move inland from drowning. The cause and effect relationship is obvious, and does not require further explanation. – Professor Barry Obama

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Obamacare Has Already Saved Millions Of Lives

Yes, we initially wanted single payer, and we had to compromise back in 2009 for the Affordable Care Act. But, it is a damn good piece of legislation that has already saved hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives. … Continue reading

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