Arctic Expands Into Obama’s 57 States


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3 Responses to Arctic Expands Into Obama’s 57 States

  1. gator69 says:

    Haven’t you heard? According to Real Climate the heat that is hiding under rocks in the deep oceans, it is now hiding in the upper atmosphere causing the Arctic to expand… or something…

    “What happens if we add more carbon dioxide? In the layers so high and thin that much of the heat radiation from lower down slips through, adding more greenhouse gas molecules means the layer will absorb more of the rays. So the place from which most of the heat energy finally leaves the Earth will shift to higher layers. Those are colder layers, so they do not radiate heat as well. The planet as a whole is now taking in more energy than it radiates (which is in fact our current situation). As the higher levels radiate some of the excess downwards, all the lower levels down to the surface warm up. The imbalance must continue until the high levels get hot enough to radiate as much energy back out as the planet is receiving. Any saturation at lower levels would not change this, since it is the layers from which radiation does escape that determine the planet’s heat balance.”

    Its worse than we thought!

    • Phil Jones says:

      They just can’t get their story straight…. Is all this heat way up in the Troposphere… Or miles down at the bottom of the ocean where NO sunlight can reach?

      It’s not a coincidence how all the Warmists fabricate and burp out the same story… Same explanation… Same BS coming from all these non-scientists. Reminds me of frogs in a pond, all blurring out the same tune repeatedly …

  2. Justa Joe says:

    It’s frickin’ freezing out, and yet we have warmists trying to convince everyone that it’s in fact getting too hot for human survival. It’s all just a big game to them.

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