About 2,740,000 results

A Google search for  kiribati drown produces about 2,740,000 results.


This is a heart rending story. Too bad no one reporting on this has an IQ over 30, and they can’t look up the tide gauge data for themselves.  Sea level has been falling at Kiribati over the last 20 years.



Data and Station Information for CHRISTMAS ISLAND II

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31 Responses to About 2,740,000 results

  1. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    Numbers are so difficult, so confusing for the Warmistas. They prefer comfy fur and fearmongering.

  2. Ivan says:

    Kiribati has been on to this scam since the earliest days. As soon as they smelled a dollar or two in the offing, they were on to it – mostly at the urging of “climate scientists” who stood to benefit from all the research money that would come their way:
    Tourism must face up to climate change
    And if sea levels were to rise by 1 m in the next century, Kiribati and Tuvalu would simply disappear beneath the waves. Dr Bull said there was an urgent need for scientific research into the effect of climate change on tourism, as well as planning by government policy-makers for alternative jobs for tourism workers.”
    Feb 1990

  3. Jimbo says:

    Kiribati has 21 underwater airports in a nation with a population of about 105,000 which means 1 airport for every 5,000 people. 🙂 Boy, these chaps must be planning for the future where there is none.

    • Jimbo says:

      Why can’t they use eco-friendly sailing boats to get from island to island? Must they fly? 😦 When are they going to take action to tackle climate change?

      • Phil Jones says:

        Good point… If they really believed in Global Warming … They’d show some leadership and halt the CO2 blowing Jumbo Jet flights destroying their tiny Island… But they’re not, and the islands aren’t being destroyed…

  4. Jimbo says:

    But what if sea levels rise? Then they are doomed again and again. We must act now! :O

    The dynamic response of reef islands to sea-level rise: Evidence from multi-decadal analysis of island change in the Central Pacific
    Arthur P. Webba et. al.
    Low-lying atoll islands are widely perceived to erode in response to measured and future sea-level rise. Using historical aerial photography and satellite images this study presents the first quantitative analysis of physical changes in 27 atoll islands in the central Pacific over a 19 to 61 yr period. This period of analysis corresponds with instrumental records that show a rate of sea-level rise of 2.0 mm yr- 1 in the Pacific. Results show that 86% of islands remained stable (43%) or increased in area (43%) over the timeframe of analysis.


    New Scientist, 2 June 2010

    Shape-shifting islands defy sea-level rise
    For years, people have warned that the smallest nations on the planet – island states that barely rise out of the ocean – face being wiped off the map by rising sea levels. Now the first analysis of the data broadly suggests the opposite: most have remained stable over the last 60 years, while some have even grown.

  5. tom0mason says:

    If these islands are about to disappear and soon why it so difficult to get real estate on them? Land prices on all the small Pacific island states are outrageously high but Tuvalu and Kiribati have none to sell.
    If the politicians and populations truly believe that their land is doomed to inundation why don’t they sell? They’d get good prices, the the best you get is leased built on land.
    I search for any property, on either of these two islands, to buy about once every 3 months. In 3 years NOTHING, not one square foot is for sale!

  6. Jimbo says:

    Maybe it’s their concrete sea walls causing problems. The islands aren’t sinking, they are having problems due to human interference which has nothing to do with co2.

    BBC – 25 November 2013
    Kiribati island: Sinking into the sea?
    ……..Mr Cliff says alternative measures should have been considered.

    “As a coastal engineer I would never recommend sea walls. There are a range of offshore devices that can dissipate the waves and soft solutions such as planting mangroves which encourage the formation of new land.”………

  7. Beale says:

    In fairness, Christmas Island is hundreds of miles from the island group (the Gilbert Islands) where most of Kiribati’s people live. Are there any similar figures for, say, Tarawa?

  8. Colorado Wellington says:

    Kiribati clever. You people dumb.
    Kiribati got money. You people none.

    • David A says:

      Kiribati not so clever’ we got no money.
      Kiribati super clever; we got president with mui big printing press.

    • John B., M.D. says:

      Clever scheme for poor nations to get rich nations (evil, have “expropriated the Earth’s atmosphere”) to pay climate reparations through the U.N.

  9. Phil Jones says:

    What a great find… Well done Stephen…

    All these Alarmists scream sea level rise… While the closest tide gauge shows none… What more does any rational person need to know?? But now that this data has been put out there, expect NOAA or some other Agency to take over and “adjust” the data to show sea level rise despite the facts…

  10. R. de Haan says:

    What can we learn from this: That MSM recycling the same crap over and over again results in a high number of Google hits.

    On the other hand:

    Try Google “United Nations” and the word “Corruption” and Kiribati is wiped out.
    with about 14,499,848 results (0.24 seconds)

  11. Colorado Wellington says:

    In 1995 Kiribati unilaterally changed the international dateline to put all its territory in the same hemisphere. By also changing their sea level data they could lift the whole country a few meters out of the water. The data adjustment specialists at NOAA should be able to assist them with such a routine task.

  12. Stephen Richards says:

    Too bad no one reporting on this has an IQ over 30

    Din’t exaggerate. The threshold for reporters is ……………………………………. 1

  13. Gamecock says:

    Whip out your google earth. Look up Betio, Bairiki, and Bonriki.

    It is self evident that these people are absolutely dependent on fossil fuels for survival.

  14. John B., M.D. says:

    I Google-searched “kiribati drown” and got “only” 1,860,000 results.

  15. bobmaginnis says:

    Christmas Island is a long ways from the rest of Kiribati, try Fanufuti to see the sea level rise:

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