Denver Communist Party Thwarts The Public Will Again

Last year, east coast politburo thugs Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg bribed Colorado Demokratic party leaders into selling out their constituents in exchange for campaign cash. This led to two successful recall elections, and a third in progress which would have swung power back to the Republican Party – and permitted the citizens of Colorado to regain control of their state.

Demokrats predictably responded by thwarting the will of  “WE THE PEOPLE” yet again.

Colorado Democratic state Sen. Evie Hudak, the third legislator facing the prospect of a recall for her support of tough new gun control laws, resigned on Wednesday rather than risk losing her seat in a special election.

Had that happened, power in the state senate would have shifted to the Republican Party. With Hudak’s resignation, however, Democrats can appoint her successor and hold onto a one-seat majority.

“Most Coloradans believe that going through a background check is a reasonable thing to do if it means we can keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals,” she wrote.

We have had background checks for decades. The FBI has performed more than 100 million of them. If the majority supports her, why is she resigning to avoid an election? How slimy and disgusting can people get?

Colorado Dem resigns rather than face a recall for supporting gun control laws | The Daily Caller

h/t to Traitor In Chief

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5 Responses to Denver Communist Party Thwarts The Public Will Again

  1. How slimy and disgusting can people get?

    Sorry, Steve, but this is just par for the course for them. Did you forget Torricelli and the New Jersey nomenclatura’s Lautenberg switch?

  2. Anthony S says:

    The appointed replacement wouldn’t happen to be subject to recall, would they?

  3. GoneWithTheWind says:

    This is how little the Democrats care what the voters want. It is all about what the Democrat politicians want. This is just a cheap ploy to retain power in spite of the people. They steal elections and when so many voters vote against them that they can’t steal the elections they use cheap tricks like this. Don’t forget that the Massachusetts Legislature did the same thing with Kennedy’s seat and it resulted in 60 votes for Obamacare. They changed the law so that the governor could appoint Kennedy’s successor rather then the voters. Right after they appointed Paul Kirk they then changed the law back. That was an outrage and the GOP was silent on it.

  4. Blade says:

    Demokrats predictably responded by thwarting the will of ”WE THE PEOPLE” yet again.

    Since you cannot force someone not to resign ( involuntary servitude ) what they can do ( hopefully ) is recall the Governor if he participates in this scam if the appointed replacement mirrors the original.

    Incidents like this should help illustrate the fact for some of the fence-sitters that this party is a collection of cold, calculating criminals. They are Alinsky-esque to the core, party before God, country, and Constitution. Most pressingly, the (D)-Socialist coalition is actively making its move for permanency now, especially with the plan to assimilate illegal alien invaders into their Socialist bloc. The reason they are moving now is because of circumstances like having that puppet in the White House, but also because of the threat to them from p2p technology ( Internet, etc ) that empowers free, independent citizens.

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